Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thirteen Things I Won't Get for Christmas

Thirteen Things I Won't Get for Christmas

1. A trip to Europe
2. A new car
3. A new laptop
4. An MP3 player
5. A digital camera
6. A LCD flat screen TV
7. A new cell phone
8. A kitten
9. Books (mother refuses to buy me books, she says I have enought)
10. A ferret
11. A bird of any kind (the cat gives them heart attacks)
12. A snake. Yes, I do actually want a snake.
13. Wireless high speed. I know, that's not a normal Christmas present, but if my mother decided we were going to get high speed internet for Christmas I would be thrilled.

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J.Rose Allister said...

LOL, your list sounds a lot like mine, except I'm getting a second hand iphone. I'd love a big screen LCD TV!

Honoria Ravena said...

Lol, my 25 inch TV in my room bit it about a year ago, so I've been watching the itty bitty one. I miss actually seeing what's going on.

Abby Wood said...

*gasp* Me too on the high speed internet. My area doesn't even have dsl or satellite, so I'm stuck on the slow-poke dial up.

Honoria Ravena said...

It's pretty much the same thing here. There's one company out here that has high speed and they want your soul as payment.

Dial up sucks, and our service provider is TERRIBLE. I lose my connection at least once an hour, sometimes more.