Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Writing Unconventional Horror

By Lisa Lane

My thanks to Honoria Ravena for having me; it is a pleasure to be your guest today. I think it is safe to assume that a good number of readers here are horror fans as well as paranormal romance fans. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my unique blend of horror, paranormal romance, and provocative prose. My style is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who do not enjoy a bit of literary value to their reads, but for those who do, I invite you to join me aboard my wild ride.

The Darkness and the Night series meshes qualities of paranormal romance, dark, cerebral horror, and deep philosophy, creating a story that not only provokes and entices the senses, but also leaves the reader pondering questions not typically addressed in works of similar genres. When I set out to write the series, I had some key questions in mind that I was determined to answer with gritty and lifelike detail:

·If there were such things as vampires, would becoming one really be the romanticized experience so often portrayed in today’s fiction?

·What would it be like for a good, decent person to realize that she was slowly becoming a monster? What would she do to fight it? What would it take for her to give in to her terrifying impulses?

·What would happen if she were to find out that she was pregnant with the offspring of the monster that turned her? What would her offspring be like? Is it possible for a child to be evil and innocent at the same time?

·What would she do, if suddenly she found that the only person she had to turn to was also her greatest nemesis?

·How would an underground world of vampires actually survive? What would a vampire commune be like?

Blood and Coffee, the first book in the series, follows the dark odyssey of Karen, a young adult who finds herself the pawn in a plot for revenge against her father—who has recently been released from a long-term mental hospital committal for having killed a man he had “believed” to be a vampire. The plan: present the freshly-turned Karen to her “rehabilitated” father, and then see which one survives. The plan goes awry, however, when Billy, the vampire chosen to turn her, ends up falling for her.

Suddenly finding herself on the run, with nowhere to go, Karen becomes caught between her hate for Billy, for what he has done to her, and the animalistic attraction that their unwanted blood bond has created between them.

In book two, Cosmic Orgasm (don’t let the corny porny title fool you), Karen literally goes to Hell and back in a cerebral struggle over her soul, after a freak astral death leaves someone close to her slowly becoming a demon trapped on the Astral plane—determined to take her with him. Karen begins to harness her vampiric powers, and she finds friendship and sustenance in the most unlikely of heroes. I originally wanted to title the book Blood and Shadow, but the publisher insisted upon Cosmic Orgasm after reading one of Karen’s most unusual experiences, which those who have read agree is one of the most unique and creative sexual encounters they have ever seen in print.

The third book, Twins of Darkness, follows Karen’s not-quite-human twins’ milestones and her trials of being both a vampire and a mother. The story, which has been raved as by far the best in the series, is actually four novellas that together create one extended story:

Part I: Vampire. Mommy.
Karen's past returns to haunt her as Billy's nomadic family tracks her down, set on kidnapping her infant twins, Andy and Anna.

Part II: The Innocent One
The full extent of grade-school-aged Anna's Astral abilities shine through in dark and horrifying ways as Karen's vampire-hunting father tracks them down in suburbia, intent on killing them all.

Part III: A Family Affair
Desperate to know more about her natural father, adolescent Anna uses her Astral abilities to pull an alternate version of Billy into reality. His presence proves bittersweet for Karen, who has committed herself to donor and lover, Jason.

Part IV: The Awakening
Andy begins to undergo an unexpected transformation, while commune bounty hunters track down Karen and Jason. Anna, with her goddess-like Astral abilites, is their only hope ... but her aid does not come without a sacrifice.

The combination of elements—sci-fi/horror, paranormal romance, and literary—makes The Darkness and the Night intense and horrifying, yet also a thoughtful and satisfying read. Few other books compare, which is not always a good thing in the world of publishing: the erotic aspects might turn off some straight horror readers, just as much as the horror elements may dissuade potential romance readers. I think you’ll agree, however, that the series is unique in a positive way, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Do you like mixed genre books? Let me know what you think, and you may win a free book. I’m giving away one electronic copy of each novel in the series; make sure to leave your name with your reply in order to qualify. Warm regards—and happy reading!

Lisa Lane


Lisa Lane said...

Thanks so much for having me here, Honoria! I'll be popping in and out all day, fo those who wish to chat.

katsrus said...

I have not read books like yours yet but; they sound really good. Something new and differant for me. I think i would like the mixed genre. I am looking forward to reading your books. Great interview. Happy holidays.

Lisa Lane said...

Thanks, Sue. Happy holidays to you, too!

booklover0226 said...

Hi, Lisa.

This series sounds intriguing. When you stated, "What would it be like for a good, decent person to realize that she was slowly becoming a monster?" I can only imagine the things going through the character's mind while this is happening. Is she being punished, for her actions or the actions of her father? What can she do to prevent it?

Many paranormal romances I read do not have much of a horror element to them. I look forward in starting this series.

Thanks and Happy New Year
Tracey D

Lisa Lane said...

I appreciate your comments, Sue and Tracy. Please contact me either through Honoria Ravena or my website for the release form to collect the books you've won. Happy reading!

katsrus said...

Hi Lisa I contacted you through your website cerebralwriter.com on the contact page. Hope you got it. My email is:
katsrus @ gmail(dot)com

Thank you so much! I cannot wait to read your books!

rayna said...

Hi Lisa,

I have to answer a big Heck ya. I love to read multi-genre books. Its give a wholeness to the story. Its just not one thing and follows that normal routine. I like to read not just a good book just a great book. And I think that some of the best books in the world have alittle if not all of the core elements from multiple genres in them.

(at) naughtyeditions(dot)com

Felicia said...

I do like mixed genres. I've found myself reading Lyndsay Sands which is Vamp/Romance and Michelle Rowan with is humor/Vamp/Romance and I'm always looking for new authors to add to my collection.