Friday, June 29, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 5

Meh, quitting early today. No excuse really. I have a book. I want to read it. It's already late. Tomorrow, I will avoid the TV like the plague and write lots. Oh, 1041 words was the total for today. How about I give my current total. It sounds much more impressive. It's 75 pages. 22,935 words.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 4

Okay, I kinda made my goal today. But really, about 400 words were cheating. I went to Jupiter House (coffee shop) and wrote like 1,600 words there. And that was where I caught up to the one partial scene I'd written before I started FD. It was probably the scene that sparked the entire idea for the book. Anyway, that was where the cheating started. See, I'm doing this project in third person. Well I usually write in first person, so I switched that scene to third, and added some more detail to it.

By the time I was done with that, I only needed 303 words to make my 2,500 goal (10 pages, half of what I should actually be aiming for daily for FD).

So, as you see, some cheating, but since I'd planned not to write anymore after my trip to the coffee shop, it is something.

Tomorrow I'll start fresh, and I get to the ooie gooie good parts of the book. Betrayal, heart break, and at some point, more sex.

I'm tempted to start on it now. I could drink that DoubleShot espresso I have in the fridge, load up on a cup or two of coffee and pull and allnighter. It actually sounds like a really tempting idea...But I wouldn't get anything done tomorrow. I'm at a good stopping place for the night. Its almost midnight, so it will soon be time for bed. Stopping required.

Bye, bye.

Fast Draft - Day 3

I've got 2,009 words for today. I may or may not stop. I'm mid-sex scene, so yeah, shouldn't stop. Hmm... Guess I won't. 2,837 is the total. Sex scene finished. Maybe my goal should just be 10 pages. I seem to be capable of that. I'm still going to aim for 5k though.

That's all to report today. I had no surprise spider attacks while writing. Had one earlier today though. I didn't get to kill him either. He went under the wall. And yes, since the house isn't finished yet, he can do that quite easily.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 2

I did better today but didn't meet my goal. I hit 2,723 which is a little over half the goal. I've decided to stop though, because it's late, and I have a book that is calling my name.

Oh, and the finger actually doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday, so I was able to do quite well today. It's still swollen though. But judging from how much it hurts today, it probably won't hurt to type at all tomorrow. OMFG! Spider! That's what the cat was stalking earlier.

Okay, that's just damned embarrassing. Glad I shut the door before my attempted kill started, along with the screaming. If anyone asks, it was a war cry.

Uh, anyway that's my update. *keeps glancing at dead spider* I'm done sitting here until I can vacuum the little carcass up in the morning.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 1

So I'm doing Fast Draft, which is writing a novel in two weeks. I'm actually taking a whole big course from Candace Havens and Fast Draft is only a tiny part of it. Anyway, its day one. Didn't go that well. The goal is 5,000 words. I fell short by whopping 3,681. I'm going to have to make some changes in my schedule to accomplish this. Like going to bed at a decent hour so I can actually get up before noon.

And, while there are no excuses or complaining allowed in FD, I do have one legitimate problem. One of my fingers is swollen. Banging on the keys to pound out a novel is physically painful, and yeah, novels aren't usually physically painful. Emotional pain, mental pain, both expected. I'm hoping this finger issue is just one hell of a hang nail, and that it will make an actual appearance so I can pull it.

And I know what you're thinking, if this finger is so bad why am I writing a blog post? The finger is up at the moment. I'm basically typing with one and a half hands. Which is fine now, but not when I'm trying to get 5k in two and a half hours or less, its not going to work.

So, I'm thinking about switching to hand written pages instead. Thankfully I'm left handed and the right hand has the affliction. The only problem is I can't keep track of word count that way, and I have no Write or Die to keep focused. It should be interesting. FD might have to wait till next week, when it officially starts. Until then I'll either switch to paper or have some asprin and just get what I can get. Not going to bother to stop working on this project, because I've already jumped the gun on it. I started it like last week or the week before, so I've already got a little chunk done.

Till tomorrow.