Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's in a name?

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers! I hope you are all doing well. :) Things have been going good for me, especially in the writing portion of my life. Today I hit 54,000 words. My goal is 90,000. I can't wait to make it there. I've just got to stay motivated. Which occasionally becomes difficult. I'm sure those of you who are writers completely understand. Something else wonderful has also happened. I have finally chosen a title for my manuscript. I have felt endlessly frustrated not being able to find something I like. I have come up with numerous titles that I felt were either boring, or just not write for my story. Thankfully all of that changed last night. I was sitting at my computer after doing some writing and decided that I wasn't going to bed until I came up with a good title and luckily it only took me ten minutes. It's kind of funny when I think about because it has taken me months to become fed up enough to just sit down and decide. And once I did it took me no time at all.

I'm sure your thinking... 'Just tell me already!' lol, so I will end the suspense... The official title of my manuscript is Lost in Moonlight. It's simple, fun and I feel that it really fits my manuscript well.

I'm curious how all of you come up with the titles to your manuscripts? I know that some of you are far more experienced at this then I am, so I would love to hear tips or ideas about how you name the precious words you put so much thought into.

That's all I've got for today. :) See ya.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Thanks to Tara Nichols and Abby Wood, I have been nominated for the Creative Writer Blogger Award! As the rules state, I must pass the award to seven bloggers who I think are worthy. I also get to display this lovely badge and I must make up 6 lies and 1 truth –or– 6 truths and 1 lie. Can you guess what I did? What's the truth? What's the lie?

Pfft, and lets see if I can find seven bloggers to pass this to. As it is, I'll never find they're email addresses.

Writer's Gone Wild
Sincerely, Alissa
Brindle Chase
J.K Coi
Vauxhall Vixens
Wicked Lil Pixie
The Many Shades of Life and Love

Here are 7 things about me. Guess which one is the truth/lie – Remember it could be 6 truths/1 lie or 6 lies/1 truth!

1. I'm the dictator of Fiji.

2. I also used to be a top prostitute in Hong Kong.

3. I love sports. Football in particular.

4. I wrote the first draft of my last WIP in seven weeks.

5. I went to Australia for 20 days in 2005.

6. I'm pregnant with my first child.

7. I own my own home.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Sunshine

Woo! I've hit summer break. Well, not yet I guess. I do have one more final. But it should be easy, and I'll just study Tuesday. Anyway, since school is ending I can actually get some writing done. *Hops up and down* It's been so long! I might have to re-read my story to know what the heck I'm doing. I plan to start this writing tonight at seven. But later this summer I plan to write all freaking day. I want to try for at least 8 hours. Overly ambitious, I know, but I have GOT to finish this novel before school starts in the fall. I hope to finish this one and start another.

I did finish the second round of edits on my f/f story, Strapless. You can read an excerpt here: Strapless Excerpt. It should come out sometime in August.

Hmm...What else was I going to say...I can't remember now. Besides, it's time to make tea, get my ass up, and go write.