Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thirteen Favorite Paranormal Books

1. Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: This book inspired me to write. It's YA, so it might not appeal to all of you, but it's a really good story, and I'm still in love with Nikolas.

2. Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton: I have an old tattered copy that traveled with me to Australia and back in the summer of 2005. I re-read it probably five times on that trip alone, but I still love it.

3. Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon: My copy of this book is held together by tape.

Actually most of the following are held together by tape. I had to buy a new copy of Circus. It broke in half. The only reason Shattered Mirror has survived is because it's hardback, and even it's about had it.

4. Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

5. Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh

6. Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon: It's a classic. It's the beginning of the Dark Hunters, and Kyrian is hilarious.

7. Master of Seduction by Kinley MacGregor: Gotta love pirates!

8. Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

9. Galahad by Angela Knight in the Bite Anthology

10. Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

11. Fallen Star by Morgan Hawke (Tomorrow's Friday Feature)

12. Dark One by Angela Knight

13. Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon

And all of these authors have many more books that are incredible.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Goals

Wow, its been an eventful year for me. I finished a novel, got three contracts and two of those books were released this month. I started my first website, and have been trying to perfect it ever since (I think I'm finally happy with it). I guest blogged once a month at Happy Endings and started two blogs of my own, including a character blog.

I started college, and while I despise it with every fiber of my being (and no I am not exaggerating one tiny, itty bitty, bit), it still is a pretty big milestone.

I got my first serious job, and I actually really love it. Being Acquisitions Manager of Breathless Press is one of the best jobs I think I writer could get. I get to read (a favored past time of mine) and picking out the errors in manuscripts challenges the writer in me. I think it's just the perfect job.

Now that I've shared what I did this year I'll share my plans for next year with you.

1) I want to try and write everyday.

2) I want to finish Archer's Story, and I want to try and finish the rough draft by May 1st at the latest. I'm thinking it needs to be about 60k

3) I want to submit to agents, and hopefully get one.

4) I want to finish at least two free reads. One is a contemporary erotic romance, and another is just a short story that goes with Fear of Darkness. Just a tiny encounter between Vahe and Natalya.

5) I want to finish at least one short story to submit to Breathless Press. I want it finished by March 1st.

6) I want to start a new series. I still can't decide if I want to start my fantasy series or sci-fi. Eventually I'll have to make that choice. I think its going to be the fantasy series though, because that's what keeps interrupting my WIP.

7) I want to finish the first book in whatever series I do choose to start. I want to finish it by December.

8) This one is just something I might do. I'd like to try and finish Bad Animals. Pretty sure I'll fight for every word of that.

I don't think my goals are too ambitious, and I'm hoping I can accomplish them all.

A Blog Award

I got a blog award from Debra Kayn. Now I'm supposed to share seven things you might not know about me, and pass the award on to seven other bloggers. Lol, this might be difficult.

1. My food can't touch on my plate. My aunt tells me they have medication for that.

2. I wear my socks inside out. I don't like the fuzzy parts on the inside.

3. I'd love to be a belly dancer.

4. Weeds is a hilarious show, but definitely not for everyone.

5. I've gotten one speeding ticket.

6. I hated the series finale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I'll never NOT be annoyed by it.

7. I'm watching Get Smart on DVD. The TV show from the 60's, not the new movie.

Now to find some blogs that I love.

1. Writer's Gone Wild

2. Naughty Little Vamp

3. Vauxhall Vixens

4. Wicked Lil Pixie

5. Living With Immortals - J.K.Coi

6. Melissa Aires

7. Happy Endings

The one flaw in this award: I have no clue how to contact most of these blogs.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Reading Challenge

1. Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward (January 3: Re-read)
2. Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward (January 4: Re-read)
3. Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh (January 27: Re-read)

On Writing Unconventional Horror

By Lisa Lane

My thanks to Honoria Ravena for having me; it is a pleasure to be your guest today. I think it is safe to assume that a good number of readers here are horror fans as well as paranormal romance fans. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my unique blend of horror, paranormal romance, and provocative prose. My style is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who do not enjoy a bit of literary value to their reads, but for those who do, I invite you to join me aboard my wild ride.

The Darkness and the Night series meshes qualities of paranormal romance, dark, cerebral horror, and deep philosophy, creating a story that not only provokes and entices the senses, but also leaves the reader pondering questions not typically addressed in works of similar genres. When I set out to write the series, I had some key questions in mind that I was determined to answer with gritty and lifelike detail:

·If there were such things as vampires, would becoming one really be the romanticized experience so often portrayed in today’s fiction?

·What would it be like for a good, decent person to realize that she was slowly becoming a monster? What would she do to fight it? What would it take for her to give in to her terrifying impulses?

·What would happen if she were to find out that she was pregnant with the offspring of the monster that turned her? What would her offspring be like? Is it possible for a child to be evil and innocent at the same time?

·What would she do, if suddenly she found that the only person she had to turn to was also her greatest nemesis?

·How would an underground world of vampires actually survive? What would a vampire commune be like?

Blood and Coffee, the first book in the series, follows the dark odyssey of Karen, a young adult who finds herself the pawn in a plot for revenge against her father—who has recently been released from a long-term mental hospital committal for having killed a man he had “believed” to be a vampire. The plan: present the freshly-turned Karen to her “rehabilitated” father, and then see which one survives. The plan goes awry, however, when Billy, the vampire chosen to turn her, ends up falling for her.

Suddenly finding herself on the run, with nowhere to go, Karen becomes caught between her hate for Billy, for what he has done to her, and the animalistic attraction that their unwanted blood bond has created between them.

In book two, Cosmic Orgasm (don’t let the corny porny title fool you), Karen literally goes to Hell and back in a cerebral struggle over her soul, after a freak astral death leaves someone close to her slowly becoming a demon trapped on the Astral plane—determined to take her with him. Karen begins to harness her vampiric powers, and she finds friendship and sustenance in the most unlikely of heroes. I originally wanted to title the book Blood and Shadow, but the publisher insisted upon Cosmic Orgasm after reading one of Karen’s most unusual experiences, which those who have read agree is one of the most unique and creative sexual encounters they have ever seen in print.

The third book, Twins of Darkness, follows Karen’s not-quite-human twins’ milestones and her trials of being both a vampire and a mother. The story, which has been raved as by far the best in the series, is actually four novellas that together create one extended story:

Part I: Vampire. Mommy.
Karen's past returns to haunt her as Billy's nomadic family tracks her down, set on kidnapping her infant twins, Andy and Anna.

Part II: The Innocent One
The full extent of grade-school-aged Anna's Astral abilities shine through in dark and horrifying ways as Karen's vampire-hunting father tracks them down in suburbia, intent on killing them all.

Part III: A Family Affair
Desperate to know more about her natural father, adolescent Anna uses her Astral abilities to pull an alternate version of Billy into reality. His presence proves bittersweet for Karen, who has committed herself to donor and lover, Jason.

Part IV: The Awakening
Andy begins to undergo an unexpected transformation, while commune bounty hunters track down Karen and Jason. Anna, with her goddess-like Astral abilites, is their only hope ... but her aid does not come without a sacrifice.

The combination of elements—sci-fi/horror, paranormal romance, and literary—makes The Darkness and the Night intense and horrifying, yet also a thoughtful and satisfying read. Few other books compare, which is not always a good thing in the world of publishing: the erotic aspects might turn off some straight horror readers, just as much as the horror elements may dissuade potential romance readers. I think you’ll agree, however, that the series is unique in a positive way, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Do you like mixed genre books? Let me know what you think, and you may win a free book. I’m giving away one electronic copy of each novel in the series; make sure to leave your name with your reply in order to qualify. Warm regards—and happy reading!

Lisa Lane

Monday, December 28, 2009

Interview: Catherine Bybee

1.What are you working on now? – I have a few things I have in the fryer right now. I’m in edits for Silent Vows, Myra’s story in the MacCoinnich trilogy. Kilt-i-licious, a sexy little ménage to follow after Kilt Worthy and an entirely new series I’m currently pitching to agents. Shhh… I like a full plate!

2.How many rejection letters did you get before you got an acceptance? And what advice do you have for writers about rejection letters? - I’m not sure I can count that high Miranda! LOL… no, actually I received a good twenty rejections from agents and a couple of publishers when I first started this journey. In those rejections I’ve had a couple of manuscript requests that ultimately led to a publication. My advice to authors is this… if you’re not receiving rejection letters, you’re not submitting your work. And don’t think for a minute that the agent / publisher of your dreams is gonna pick up the phone and call you. Submit your baby, it’s the only way to get a thumbs up.

3.What's your idea of the "perfect" hero? – Sexy, caring and completely in need of his heroine. Oh, and did I say sexy? lol

4.Who are your favorite authors? – Oh, so many… Nora for Nora sake, I admire the woman’s stamina and ability to roll out book after book. For contemporary romance, I enjoy Judith McNaught – When I have to laugh I pick up Dakota Cassidy and Candace Havens. Shannon K. Butcher’s Burning Alive was my favorite pick last year. Kate Pearce and Jess Michaels sizzle the erotic historical category for me. Caridad Pineiro is on my list along with Lisa Kylpsis. If you have another day or so I can predict who I see making the leap from e-published to mainstream with in the next few years. There are simply to many writers I enjoy taking the time to read these days.

5.What books do you recommend on writing? – I’m not sure I’m the one to ask on this. I actually don’t read other author’s books on writing. I pick up promo tips and writing tips on author blogs and agent blogs… But I don’t have a ‘writing bible’ that I turn to.

6.What's your favorite thing about writing? Least favorite thing? – Favorite thing? Simply writing a new story. I enjoy the actual creating of a story and characters and making it all work. The least favorite thing is waiting. Waiting for agents to get back to you, publishers to get back to you… edits to get back to you… release dates to come around… reviews to evolve. Waiting!

7.Do you talk to your characters, your muse, or both? – Shhh… not when people are looking. But yeah, I know my guys and gals rather intimately.

8.How did you celebrate your first release? – Does one celebrate when they’re online all day telling the world they have a new book out? I’ve celebrated my ‘contracts’ with a night out and or a good bottle of wine, but on actual release days… I’m way to busy plugging to celebrate.

9.Where do you see your writing going in five years? In ten? Five years? I do hope to have my books on the stores shelves outside of cyber-space. Or at the very least, a upcoming release date for that day. In ten, I hope to be able to arrive at a conference and have people know who I am and want to have a signed copy of my latest release. *sigh*

10.If you could meet any paranormal creature, what would it be and why? – Ohhh hard question. Anyone who is immortal. Vampire, demon… were… The concept of immortality is fascinating, but I’d guess less than romantic when you think of outliving any and everyone you know.

11.Okay, it's plug time. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you'd like to share?

I thought you’d never ask… no, that’s not true, I knew you would.
I’m celebrating my first print release, Binding Vows, the first in my MacCoinnich trilogy from The Wild Rose Press.

Here is the blurb:

Duncan MacCoinnich’s task… Travel to the twenty-first century Renaissance Faire, deflower the Druid virgins, and go home. Only his job is not so easily accomplished with the virgin in question, Tara McAllister.

Time is running out. The evil is closing in on them both.

Tara finds Duncan irresistible after what was supposed to be a mock Hand-fasting binds them.

When Duncan whisks her to his home in Scotland she could accept that. But, can she forgive him for taking away her modern life when she finds herself in the sixteenth century?

And is it love they feel? Or something else?


"Where are you going, Tara ?"


"I can see that, but where?"

She stopped and turned. "Far away from you."

He almost collided with her. Before he could react, she was storming off again, as he shouted, "A lady is not safe out here by herself."

She stopped. This time he didn't stop in time and fell into her.

Hands at her sides, her chest thrust up next to his she gritted between her teeth. "A lady isn't safe around you either."

"Now, Tara." He tried pleading with her.

"Oh, don't you even 'now, Tara' me." She stepped to the side and started off, in a different direction. Stalking in circles.

He let her walk for several minutes before attempting to speak to her again. "I would be happy to escort you on a walk. But, we need to get you more properly dressed." He knew the effect watching her walk in tight jeans was having on him, he could only imagine what his men must have thought when she stormed the courtyard.

"You're a bastard, you know that MacCoinnich?"

He wanted to counter what she said, but cautioned himself against it. "Still, we need you in more fitting clothes. If someone were to come along, questions would be raised which would be most difficult to answer."

"You should have thought of that before you brought me here." She waved a hand in his general direction. "Right now, I don't give a crap what questions you might have to answer."

"I told you how necessary it is for secrecy." He turned to the Keep and noticed some of the men watching, curious about what would happen. He needed to put a stop to this and soon.

"Bite me."

A completely inappropriate image of him doing exactly that popped into his head. A slow lazy smile inched over his lips.

Unfortunately, for him, Tara read his thoughts. She didn't find them nearly as entertaining as he did. "You ass..." She raised her hand to slap his face.

He caught her hand before it made contact.. "I've had enough of this."

You can find me at for my backlist and future releases.

Binding Vows is available at

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Like A Virgin by Eve Summers

"Like Virgin" is an e-book romance written by Eve Summers and published by Red Rose Publishing on 24 December 2009. (And yes, with her other books titled “Wild Thing” and “I want to know what love is”, Eve Summers seems to be shamelessly plagiarising pop songs. The truth is, however, is a lot more prosaic: Eve Summers has a very short memory and a very poor knowledge of music. Next time, she’ll try to Google any title that sounds like a good idea - before she uses it, not after. J )

Anyway, back to the book. Aurora is a virgin when it comes to Internet dating. A mousy schoolteacher in real life, she wants to be something more online. Someone else: a Bond girl, perhaps, who drinks champagne, travels the world and does skydiving. So when she creates her online persona, she exaggerates a little... ok, a lot.

The man she meets on the dating site literally takes her breath away. He’s everything she’s ever wanted: a successful CEO, somebody who loves the songs she loves and who gets Aurora’s quirky sense of humour. With the cyber world not always being what it seems, is he too good to be true?

That’s not the only problem facing Aurora, though. Because when you fib on your online profile, is there ever a good time to come clean?

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Establishing Credibility for New Writers

By Sascha Illyvich

Establishing yourself as an expert in erotic romance is one of the toughest things to do, especially with the internet making everyone an “expert” and allowing a lot of content to go unchecked. The easiest solution is to follow the true experts- those with track records who have achieved the same results you’re striving for.

I reference Morgan Hawke a lot. There’s a reason for that and it’s because she’s goal oriented.

The hard part is trying to get into the group of writers so you can get the tips first. My question to you is: do you really need to belong to a critique group with varying degrees of experience in order to write?

No. But it helps because you’ll see the folks that stand out and are getting results.

Writing is like any other business, it requires the author to be results oriented. If you’re not writing for a profit, what are you writing for? Personal gain? Self esteem? Those things come with experience and time, and I’d like to mention that I’m specifically aiming this post at career writers, not hobbyists.

What are the pitfalls of trying to establish authority when you’re new? Plenty. First off, people have a tendency to overload their plates in a feeble attempt to know everyone and everything. This results in a crash on the human body and a quick burnout. For a solution, I talked about this here because new writers need to learn some lessons passed down from those of us who have been new before.

Once you’ve learned and applied the lessons I’ve talked about, you’ll get a better grip on time management which will allow you to be a healthier writer. This industry is filled with authors who suffer from various ailments and the curealls are actually pretty simple once you realize you need to start taking care of yourself when you’re YOUNGER. I touched on this here too with Writer’s Self Care.

The results will be easy and measurable because you’ll find yourself with more time and creativity flowing better than most of us who are “old hat.” Once you’ve built up a following, using social media like Twitter and facebook to promote your work, you’ll quickly find out who to pay attention to, what to look out for and how to protect yourself as a writer.

You’ll need to understand the mechanics of writing an erotic romance. Sex is part of those mechanics and a good primer for writing sex scenes can be found on Angela Knight’s blog. You’ll also need to know about plot and showing vs. telling.

Worries about recycling content? Don’t be. From an SEO standpoint, it’s not so bad from what I understand. We all have content that gets left behind when we write articles for blogs or websites that were great, gave a lot of information and made an impact on our audiences. A few word changes and some modification gives us a new article that may reach a few more readers.

The biggest thing I had to learn when I started teaching others about money and finance was that people all have different styles of learning. Some are technical, you can tell them what a Dominant is in a BDSM context and they understand how to write that character. Others require articles like this.

The point of all this is that to establish yourself as an expert in anything, it takes time, patience, goal setting, measurable results and self care. This is true of writers especially since we ARE our own bosses. True we have deadlines but those are set by other humans and can be adjusted as life interrupts.

Best of success to you in your career!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hard Candy

A Soundtrack for Hard by Jameison Wolf

Hey Everyone!

I’m so thrilled to be here at Honoria’s blog today. And do I have a treat for you! Below you’ll find the links to download a soundtrack for my new novel HARD which is available from the good folks at Breathless Press!

You can get a copy of HARD by clicking here:

But why the heck would I do a soundtrack for my book?

Well, I wanted to do a short EP for Hard for a couple of reasons. First of all because I find that the story, though short, goes through three different stages of emotion. I wanted to have music reflect that.

I also love doing soundtracks for my novels. What better way to bring a book to life, and to further the reading experience, than by creating a soundtrack?

I always find that books with music really draw me into the story and make it come alive for me somehow. I hope I’ve achieved that with Hard Candy.

I hope you and others enjoy the soundtrack and I really do hope that it brings the book to life for you!

I’ve included the liner notes for you. You’re free to download the songs and burn them to a CD and enjoy them again and again.





You can listen to the soundtrack on its own or, even better, listen to the soundtrack when you’re reading the book.

I hope you enjoy it!


Jamieson has been writing since a young age when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school.

Since then, he has created many worlds in which to live his fantasies and live out his dreams. He is the author of several novels which include: Witches, Silent Communication, Valentine, Valentines Labyrinth, Finding Beauty, The Hunted Series and more.

He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his husband Robert and his cat, Mave, who thinks she's people. Visit Jamieson at

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lisa Lipkind Leibow's Interview

1.What are you working on now?
I tend to have several projects at once, at various stages of development. Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on a novel that is a tale of modern feminism in a complex world. It chronicles the life of an Iranian émigré, from her repressed childhood in 1950s Tehran to her eventual liberation over 40 years later. The main character’s saga begins in pre-revolutionary Iran—a land of contradictions, where mini-skirted women with college degrees face arranged marriages. At the same time, I’m in the midst of revising the first draft of a middle grade high fantasy novel that I wrote during moments I needed a break from more serious subject matter. It’s pure fun! I’m also well underway in the first draft of a novel that takes place during the Revolutionary War. It’s turning into a fictional slave narrative. I’m excited about it. While I divide my time among these projects, other ideas are percolating, and I have three or four other concepts in research phase, which means I’m reading everything I can on the subjects, conducting interviews, and visiting locations.

2.What inspired you to be a writer?
It’s difficult to point to one event in my life that gave me inspiration to be a writer. It’s really the cumulative impact of finding a way to incorporate the things I love to do: read, research, write, act, daydream…

As a child, I had a flare for drama. I loved to play pretend. In high school, I played the leading role in the school musical and enjoyed performing in Community Theater, too. In college, I studied radio-television communications where I loved writing, directing, and performing. If a professor offered the option to write a paper instead of take an exam – I jumped on it. My skills at research and writing took me to the next step in my career.

I spent a chapter of my life going to law school and practicing law, drafting legal briefs and memoranda much like the young attorney in my debut novel. However, after being stuck at my office on 9/11, a month-long siege on metro Washington, DC by a sniper, and discovering that the other parents at my twins’ preschool thought my au pair was my sons’ mom, I could hear these words echoing in my ears. "If I knew this was what it was going to be like to have it all, I would have settled for less." (Lily Tomlin: The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe).

I didn't really settle for less. I settled for different, and traded the billable hour lifestyle for fiction writing. My new career provides fantastic intellectual stimulation, a wonderful creative outlet, and a great excuse to recapture my love of drama and playing make believe.

3.How many rejection letters did you get before you got an acceptance? What advice do you give the writers about dealing with rejection letters?
I could wallpaper a bedroom with rejection letters. As a first-time unknown author, it’s tough to get your foot in the door. But I know I can write, and enough of those rejection letters were personal and encouraging rather than form letters to make me realize I was moving in the right direction – getting closer. I kept honing the manuscript based on feedback and, Voila! Success!

My advice to other writers about dealing with rejection letters is to view every one of them as another step closer to publication. If you receive something other than a form letter, view that as a small success. Savor the feedback of someone in the business who took the time to read your work. Keep yourself occupied with the creative process while you await responses, which in my experience, can take forever (excuse my exaggeration, but responses take a long time). Don’t let a rejection hold you back. Keep circulating your manuscripts and short stories. They will have no chance for publication if they sit in a drawer or fester on your hard drive!

4.How did you celebrate your first contract?
You mean, after I jumped up and down screaming for joy upon reading the offer for contract? Ha! I’m still celebrating! I’m so happy Red Rose Publishing was looking to expand their mainstream fiction line and that the editors loved Double Out and Back!

During that first week or two following my book deal, every time I met a friend we toasted my success (there was much champagne involved…).

5.What's your favorite way to advertise?
I’m not a natural at self-promotion, I have to admit. But I enjoy interacting with readers. I love visiting with book clubs either in person, on-line, or via conference call to participate in discussions of Double Out and Back. If any of your readers are interested in inviting me to their book club, fill out the contact form on my website,

6.What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
My life is filled with the happy chaos of my husband, children, and a menagerie of pets. They amuse me to no end. But when I have some “me” time, I try to stay active by biking, jogging, and doing yoga. I really need to counteract all of the sitting that crafting good fiction requires.

7.Where do you see your writing going in five years? In ten?
On the creative side, I continue to hone my craft every day. I have so many ideas in my head. Sometimes it’s difficult to rein them to focus on just one. I love the challenge of bringing to life a time and place I haven’t experienced first-hand. It forces me to use my imagination to build a world. I dabbled in this in Double Out and Back. I wove in a vivid past for Chandy in South Africa during the implementation of Apartheid. With my second novel, which is perpetually-almost-finished, I explore pre-revolutionary Iran, in the 1960s, where miniskirted women with college degrees are subject to arranged marriages. Here, too, I bring to life a time and place I did not experience first-hand.

However, in both of these instances, I was able to interview people who have been there to obtain first-hand accounts. I see my interests in historical fiction deepening.

Lately, I have been crafting a novel that takes place in colonial America. It will be my first, truly, historical fiction in that nobody alive today was there. I must rely on historical documents, museums, and the like to build a realistic portrayal of my characters and setting.

As for the business side of my writing career, I’m hoping that in five to ten years I will finally become an overnight success. I stole that line from my publisher, Wendi Felter of Red Rose Publishing, but it sums up what I hope will be. So, I urge you, if you like my work, spread the word!

8.What is your favorite "comfort food"?
All of these tough questions about my writing process and intellectual opinions about the future of the publishing industry, and this is the question that stumps me? Hmmm…I have to pick just one? It might be easier to tell you what foods I don’t care for…

Some of my favorites: I love a bowl of hot chili on a cold winter day. In the summer, I could live on fresh blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I’m a big fan of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food, too. I can’t turn down tuna sashimi or those sesame balls on the Dim Sum dessert tray. And, of course, chocolate has incredible healing powers. Join me in the movement to make chocolate count toward a daily allowance of vegetables – It’s made from BEANS, after all.

9.Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?

Warning: noncommittal answer below.

I adore the complete, sensory experience of holding a print book – the smell of the pages, the way the paper feels between my fingers, and the look of the ink on the page. I love to dog-ear and highlight my favorite passages as I get lost in the fictive dream a good book brings to me. I savor, I devour, and I love print books. Nothing could completely replace that love.

Now that I’ve spoken my undying devotion to print books, I hope you won’t think me unfaithful when I tell you that I’ve been loving some e-book on the side!

E-books offer new ways to love literature. I can adjust the font size of the print as large or small as I like. I can keep a file of “clippings” of my favorite passages. I can perform keyword searches, and gain quick access to material when I’m on deadline.

More than that, e-books are great for impatient people, like me. I agree with Carrie Fisher when she said, “That’s the problem with instant gratification – it’s just not fast enough!” The ability to download a book within seconds of deciding I want to read it is fantastic.

10.Who are your favorite authors?
I have diverse taste in reading. I enjoy reading fiction with a strong voice and unique perspective. I love quality women’s fiction, mainstream fiction, historical, and literary fiction. I read and love so many authors. It’s difficult to narrow it down. However, here are some of those I consider the masters. I’m in awe of Alice Munro’s ability to sum up an entire lifetime in a sentence. I love the quirky characters of John Irving, the vivid, detailed descriptions of Ayn Rand, and the strong, pithy dialogue of Ernest Hemingway. I admire the character driven fiction of Julia Glass and the expertly plotted tales of Steven King. I admire the boldness of Barbara Kingsolver to tackle multiple, first-person points-of-view in one novel, and Amy Tan’s ability to carry me to a time and place I’ve never been and make it seem real to me.

11.It’s plug time. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you’d like to share?
Visit me at There you’ll find more about me and my writing, along with links to my twitter, goodreads, facebook, as well as links to my blog, and my group blog, The Roses of Prose.

I can’t leave without saying thank you to Honoria! I loved answering these thoughtful and fun questions. You’re a great host. Thank you very much for letting me share your blog, today.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Double Out and Back. Enjoy!

Chandy’s parents were both Jewish, of Eastern European descent. Diogo embodied the great melting pot of Cape Town, South Africa. His mother – Tessie’s daughter – had married a half-Portuguese and half-black man, the son of a native tribal woman who had married a fisherman who came to port.

One day, while Bubba was baking and Diogo and Chandy were playing, Chandy asked Bubba, “What was it like here in the olden days?”

“Tell us, Bubba,” Diogo urged.

Bubba wiped her hands on her apron and sat at the table to answer their


“When I first came to Cape Town, we moved to a small flat on the same street as the Garden Shul.”

“Garden Shul? You mean the Great Synagogue?” Chandy asked.

“Oy, yes. They built the original building, the Garden Shul in nineteen-oh-five. I was a kinder in Lithuania back then. When we moved to Cape Town, we were welcomed by none other than Rabbi Alfred Bender. A Friday morning, and he showed up at the door with some candles, a bottle of wine, and a beautifully braided challah, so Zayda and I could welcome the Sabbath.

“He served as Rabbi for more than forty years, may he rest in peace. Back in ’twenty-five, when I moved here, he had already been here for thirty years. He was the glue that held this community together. We all just loved him, even Diogo’s other grandma, his Papa’s mama, a gentile. She loved that rabbi.”

Just then, Ita Leah’s daughter, Miriam, walked into the flat with an armful of bundles.

“Chandy, have you finished with your lessons?” Miriam asked.

“Yes, Mama,” she answered.

“I only had to help her a little,” Diogo said, giggling.

“Oh, Diogo, I’m glad you’re here. I have something for your mother.” Miriam put the bundles down on the table in front of them. She wiped her brow with the back of her hand after releasing the heavy bags.

“The days are getting shorter. I saw old Mr. Phillips making his way down the street, lighting all of the street lamps,” she said as she took out a long, narrow, newsprint-wrapped package. “It’s a good thing too, because, I needed the extra light to find my way to the fishmonger. I picked up this Cape Salmon to make lox.”

“Yum,” Chandy said.

“I stopped by the new dress shop, the one Zodwa, just opened. I saw a beautiful skirt for your mother and brought it home for her. Will you give it to her for me?”

“Yes, ma’am. I need to go home for supper soon,” Diogo answered.

Miriam stood taller than expected, having squat Bubba for her mother. Her height allowed her to tower over Bubba. Next to Bubba’s round shape, Miriam looked rectangular – broad shoulders, thickened waist, narrow hips, and elongated torso. If Zayda were triangular, they could have had a real mélange of geometric characters in the family – a whole new meaning to the adage, people come in all shapes and sizes.

Miriam finished putting away the packages and sat at the kitchen table to go through the post. Bubba could tell something was wrong, because her daughter’s chin scrunched up, her upper lip tightly pressing down onto a protruding, but tense lower lip. Under stress, the whole lower half of Miriam’s face creased the same way many people’s brows furrowed.

Bubba stood even in height with her seated daughter. She touched Miriam’s hair, which was colored darkest brown. It fell in short ringlets, with perfect sections in front of each ear that curled upward like crescent moons illuminating each of her cheeks.

Bubba looked equally rattled as she read over Miriam’s shoulder.

“This is a nightmare. It’s the next step, isn’t it?”

Miriam shook the paper.

“They can’t do this!” The skin on her chin puckered as her lips tightened to near disappearance.

“Let me see,” Bubba requested. Miriam passed her the paper. It held the official seal of the South African government.

“They can, and they are.” Miriam’s voice trailed off.

Bubba’s eyes traveled from top of page to bottom absorbing the official letter’s contents. As of that date, under Population Registration Act No. 30, passed by the nation’s legislature, Bubba would be required to register all babies she delivered under one of four distinct races: Black, White-Afrikaans, White-Other, or Colored or mixed race.

###end of excerpt###

Support Authors and Small Presses: BUY Double Out and Back at

Also available at Kindle, Mobipocket, All Romance Ebooks, My Bookstores & More, BookStrand, and other fine e-book outlets.

Short Bio: Lisa Lipkind Leibow is the author of Double Out and Back (Red Rose Publishing), which takes the reader on the roller-coaster ride of infertility treatments as seen through the eyes of three women. Originally working as a lawyer, Lisa decided to trade the billable hour lifestyle for fiction writing. Lisa’s work has also appeared in Pisgah Review. She lives and writes in Northern Virginia with her husband, three sons, a clumber spaniel, and two red-eared sliders. You can learn more about Lisa and her writing at

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Biohazard by Honoria Ravena

That's right. I have to releases back to back. Here's an excerpt from today's release: Biohazard.

Title: Biohazard
Author: Honoria Ravena
Heat Rating: Three
Word Count: 8,258
Publisher: Breathless Press
Buy Link


Hunted by his people, the shapeshifter, Jayden, sheds his human skin after escaping his execution. 200 years later he’s still on the run. When he’s attacked in the remote woods in Wyoming, the last thing he expects is to be saved by a human woman.

When Maura finds a rough looking group of men hunting a tiger in her forest, she doesn’t hesitate to pull a gun on them and release the animal. What she doesn’t expect is for that frightening cat to change into a gorgeous, surly man with a tortured past.

But when his people threaten her life, will he save her, or leave her to the wolves?


I jerked awake as a warm cloth slid across my open wounds. I snapped my teeth and snarled at the female cleaning the injury. She jumped, and her wide, frightened eyes shot to mine. I moved to shove her away and found my hands tied to the headboard.

I pulled at my bonds, shaking the bed and ignored the small bubble of panic that rose in my chest at the thought of being trapped. “What have you done, human?”

She stepped back from the bed and pointed a handgun at me. “It’s just a little insurance. I don’t know who, or what you are, and until you convince me that you won’t hurt me you’re staying tied to that bed.”

I sneered at her. “Your ropes can’t hold me.”

I tried to change, and found that I couldn’t. I roared and yanked at the ropes. Dizziness swamped me, and I had to lay my head back down. Whoa.

“You have a fever.”

“No shit, female.” Spec-fuckin’-tacular. I couldn’t change with a fever this severe. Thankfully I wasn’t human. One of their kind would be dead. Eventually my body would fight off the poison, but for now I was helpless.

“Untie me.”

She didn’t move, just stood there with the gun in her hand. “My name is Maura.”

“How is that a response to ‘untie me’?”

She bit her lip. “What’s your name?”

I growled. “I’m called Jayden. Now…Maura untie me”

She shook her head, her golden curls cascading around her shoulders. She pointed the gun at the floor. “No,” she said as she backed toward the door. “You haven’t been very friendly. I don’t trust you yet.”

I took a deep breath and tried not the shout at her. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just let me go, and I’ll leave your home.”

“No.” Her eyes locked on mine and she hesitated a moment. “Besides, you’re hurt. You should at least stay here until you heal.” She turned and fled.

“Female, get back here!”

My command fell flat in the empty room. I sighed and lay back on the bed. I couldn’t afford to be tied up if my ‘buddies’ decided to bust in and kill us.

I started working the knots. Fortunately, she wasn’t good at tying them. Within seconds, the restraints fell away. Rubbing my wrists, I sat up. I’d have to take the woman by surprise or she would shoot me. Any damage she could inflict would heal, but I really didn’t want a gunshot wound. Besides, there was always a chance she would hit the head or the heart and then I’d be worm food.

I followed her scent, and the smell of chicken soup, as I limped down the hallway. My ankle had more than likely been fractured in a few places, but it was already partially healed.

The most pleasant sound filled my sensitive ears. I peered around the corner. The female bustled around the kitchen, singing quietly to herself. She had the voice of an angel.

No, she had the voice of a goddess.

And the looks of one, too. Her blonde curls spilled to her waist. Her body was lusciously curved. The women of my culture were all bone. There was nothing for a man’s hands to grasp. No lush cushion or warmth.

I sucked in a deep breath. Lord, and she smelled incredible. Most women wore too much perfume. She wore none. Hers was the aroma of soap and her unique feminine scent.

My dick started to harden. Great, just what I needed to convince her I meant her no harm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something I could stop, and given my heightened libido because of the disease I carried, I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

Her taunting frame beckoned as she leaned forward and avocado, tomato, cheese and lettuce out of the fridge. She slapped the cheese into a frying pan and then moved to the cutting board on the counter.

I darted into the kitchen and pushed her against the counter top. She screamed and made a wild grab for the knives in the wood block. Before she could reach a weapon, I had her by the wrists. Bringing them around behind her, I clasped them in one of my hands, then I pulled them up, forcing her upper body onto the counter.

Buy it here.

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Fear of Darkness by Honoria Ravena

I've had a lot of people on my blog recently promoting their own books. Today it's time to promote one of my own. Please enjoy this excerpt of Fear of Darkness.

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Vahe Patten is a Watcher in the King's guard. The vampire king, that is. As a Watcher, Vahe executes vampires who break the only major vampire law: keep the secret. When Dylan Andrew starts leaving his murder victims for the human authorities to find, something must be done. While in Haven, Vahe enters the dreams of a woman plagued with nightmares of her past. When he sees Dylan flirting with her in a bar, he knows she'll be his next victim.

Natalya Woods just wants to avoid her ex-husband. The small town of Haven, Maine seems perfect until she's attacked in the street by, literally, the man of her dreams.


"Need a hand, Natalya."

I spun around but before I could even get a word out I was pressed against the wall with a hand over my mouth. I realized I'd forgotten my gun. I hadn't thought to put a different one in my other purse and I should have. This vampire was the least of my problems. Okay, so maybe not the least, a vampire was a big problem, especially if he was the murder, but I did have other people I was worried about. A vampire… It was just unbelievable.

"I'm going to take my hand away and if you scream, I'll snap your neck. Understand?" I nodded. "Good."

He brushed the scarf away from my neck to reveal his marks. He ran his hand lightly over my throat. I flinched when he touched the bite. Even with such a light touch, it was painful.

He leaned his face in toward me, moved his hand, and then he was kissing me. I hesitated before I gave into him. The kiss was full of probing tongues. My tongue brushed his fangs and I broke the kiss.

He moved his mouth to my throat and I stood there dazed for a second before I jerked back. I would have hit my head on the wall but his hand was between the bricks and me. He tangled his hands in my hair. His tongue flicked out across the bite mark and then his mouth clamped down. He sucked hard, making the tiny holes bleed.

I gasped in pain and pushed at his chest. He moaned against my throat and sucked harder. His erection pressed against my stomach. Trembling, he drew back. His eyes were unfocused and his breathing labored. I was glad we were in the middle of the street and not somewhere private. I don't think anything would have kept him from fucking my brains out, and nothing could stop him from draining my blood.

He cleared his throat. "God, your blood is almost addictive." He shook himself. "Come on, I'll help you with all this food. I'm surprised you eat so much. You look so thin."

I narrowed my eyes at him and didn't respond. He picked up the food and carried it easily down the street, expecting me to follow.

I followed him without prompting. I watched my feet as I walked and tried to think of a good way to get away from him.

He didn't struggle to carry the food, but maybe it would take him a few seconds to realize I was gone and chase after me. Maybe a few vital seconds were all I needed. I doubted it.

He stopped abruptly and looked over his shoulder. He arched an eyebrow. "Go ahead. Try running for it. You won't make it three feet."

I had a childish second where I wanted to kick him in the shins and run. Instead, I waited for him to turn and then I took off down the street. I just had to reach a shop that was open, or a bar. I rounded a corner and then skidded to a halt. He stood in front of me, his arms crossed over his chest, one eyebrow arched mockingly.

"You see, last night I was injured and couldn't use my preternatural speed, but after I had a sip from you I found a nice willing donor. I don't feel like messing around. I just want you to come with me."

"If you think I'll go with you willingly, you're nuts. I seem to remember being told not to go with strangers. That the only reason they want to take you somewhere is to kill you. Hell, you're a vampire. I can't even believe I'm saying it. How am I supposed to trust you? And I got farther than three feet."

He tried to suppress a smile at the last part, but didn't quite manage. I hadn't meant it to be funny.

Read chapter one on my website or buy it here.

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Antonia Tiranth

As the year comes to a close, one always looks back and wonders...what did I do this year? I look back and realize I did a heck of a lot! This year saw the release of Books 1-3 of my Tales of the Rikashi Series from Lyrical Press, Inc and Book 1 of my Tarot Kings Series from Red Rose Publishing. Truly a year of a dream come true for me and I hope this coming year continues to be just as good. I've met so many wonderful people through LPI and RRP, authors, editors and readers alike. Despite the troubles of the year, I will put this year as one of the best, if only for the people I've met. This year I have more than five people outside of family to send Christmas Cards too! Which reminds me...I need to write out Christmas cards. And what about the age old question of what my New Year's Resolution will be? I think it will be to write everyday and make an effort to meet more of the awesome people at both of my publishers.

If your interested in my Tales of the Rikashi Series you can find them here.

And the newest series, which I've never mentioned on here yet is The Tarot Kings. The first book of the series is King of Swords. Here's a little peek:

"I had everything under control, Sebastian."

He took a step towards her, she retreated but he followed. "But you didn't really want to be, did you Lily?"

"What are you talking about?" Lily swallowed around the sudden lump in her throat, watching his eyes travel to her throat. The way he was looking at her made heat collect in her belly.

"You don't want to be in control," he replied, his voice a low seductive growl.

"Yes I do," she protested weakly.

"No, you don't. You want to let go, to hand someone else the reins."

"I can take care of myself." Lily straightened her shoulders, trying to ignore her body that longed to throw itself at this man's feet.

"Of course you can," Sebastian conceded, "But you want someone to take care of you. I know why you weren't happy with Philip," he said.

"Oh?" For every step she took away from him, he took one forward. Her heels touched the wall at the same time her hip hit the counter. She had backed herself into a corner and he placed his hands on the wall on either side of her head, trapping her. Her breath was coming in quick gasps now. She couldn't look at him. She kept her eyes on his shoulder but that turned out to be a bad idea as she noticed now that the black turtle neck hugged his form in a sinful way. "And why is that?" she somehow managed to ask.

Sebastian bent his head, catching her gaze with his own. "You want a man who won't let you control him."

"And you could?" she countered, her cheeks flushing.

She held her breath, thinking he was going to kiss her again but he took a step back. "Come, we're leaving." His tone left no room for debate and she really didn't feel any desire to refuse the command. Still it was her brother's party and she always stayed here to spend Christmas morning with him and Kate.


"I said, come."

It is available now from Red Rose Publishing!

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Interview with Sascha Illyvich

1.What are you currently working on? – Nothing Not a damn thing, nadda, zip, zero, zilch. I’m on vacation. Though when I return to writing in January, I have a motivational/success book to start writing, a cyberpunk Male Dom BDSM wolf/faery story for Renaissance E-books and starting a new project that’s hush hush right now J

2.How many novels did you complete before you sold your first? – I sold on my first novel actually. eXtasy books picked up A Christmas Favor at the same time I had put together a compilation of short erotic stories for Renaissance E-books.

3.When did you attempt your first novel? What's become of it? – I was probably 15. It’s unfinished, retarded and in the closet never to see the light of day or a bottle of whisky ever.

4.Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what inspired you to become one? – I’m not sure “become” a writer is actually how it happened. I remember telling my hair dresser that I wanted to write after the IT bubble burst and she said if you want to do it, do that instead of wasting time looking for work.

5.What's your favorite way to advertise? – If you’re spending money then you’re doing it wrong. Money flows TO the author. Not from. So paid speaking engagements, teaching classes, anyway I can that helps others to become better authors while putting cash in my pocket is a viable way I like to advertise.

6.What are you reading, if anything, at the moment? Susan Kearney’s Solar Heat

7.Who are your favorite authors? – Diane Whiteside, Joey W. Hill, Angela Knight, Richele Mead, Colby Holdge is a new favorite, Rebecca York, Laurel K. Hamilton, I could go on.

8.What kind of activities do you do to clear your head? – Cigars. I prefer La Riqueza by tatuaje or Padrons. The time to smoke one cigar is usually an hour at least for me and gives me down time needed to NOT concentrate on writing/work. Or I masturbate.

9.What do you do immediately after finishing a manuscript? – Drink more. Then I leave the MS alone for about a week and work on something else or do website stuff, but I “try” to take a few days off. Usually I end up at Grants for a cigar.

10.What advice would you give an aspiring author? – Believe in yourself but don’t think that this is easy even if you GET a lucky break. Respect those who came before, and pay it forward.

11.It’s plug time. Tell me about your radio show. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you’d like to share?

The UnNamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata can be found at and is a one hour (usually) show dedicated to bringing you the hottest in industry news, author interviews, excerpts, my rants and more. It airs Mondays at 1 PM PST and again at 7 PM PST and once more on Thursday at 6 PM PST.

You can also find me at and YES we have an excerpt from “Lessons Learned” which is my male dominant ménage story featuring a switch and a sexy submissive both of whom are in love with Master Clint. Wendi is a stubborn submissive who likes to push buttons because she thinks any attention paid to her is a sign of love. Master Clint is only able to put up with so much despite what his heart tells him. After he disciplines her one night too harshly, Summer appears and spends time with Wendi. What is Summer’s secret?

The blurb wasn’t written yet when I got this interview and the story just happened so…here’s an excerpt instead!

Once outside the private room, the two weren’t alone any longer. A few other patrons had been hanging outside the rooms, either relaxing with their submissives or talking to others near the bar.

Wendi wandered past everyone at a comfortable pace behind Clint. Her feet slapped against the floor. She shook her head, trying to block out the words he’d told her earlier. She didn’t have the energy right now to concentrate on her control issues.

It was much easier to cling to Clint’s body for warmth. Goose bumps ran the length of her exposed flesh.

She kept walking until she’d stumbled into the hardness of his body. Backing up to a respectful distance, she lowered her head and waited for the slap across her face that was sure to come.

Instead, Clint turned around slowly, leash still in hand. He tugged it.

She tripped forward and fell against him with an oomph
He wrapped his arms around her and smoothed one open palm down her back.

His hands settled around her still warm ass. The embers of desire still burned in his eyes and made her want him even more.

Clint stepped back and tilted her chin up to his. His mouth came down on hers, claiming her. His tongue pushed past her lips.

Gasping, she opened her mouth to let him in. Her thighs grew damper with arousal. She reveled in the way his tongue explored every nuance of her. Fingers clenched around her sore ass.

His kiss pulled a tiny moan from her. She opened her eyes to see him and suppressed a giggle.

Her master kissed with his eyes closed.

Her body began to tingle, especially when blood raced towards her cunt. Gods, how she wished he’d fuck her right now.

She reached for his kilt with one hand, fingers caressing the smooth leather.

His teeth nibbled her lower lip. “Don’t.”

Ignoring him, she responded to the ache in her pussy. She clutched the leather and dragged the hem up his thigh.

He swatted her ass lightly. Pulling back from the kiss, he frowned at her.

Wendi flinched and tilted her head at him. She batted her eyelashes at him, hoping he’d give in to her advances. Her mouth formed an 'O'.

“You should know better.” His tone held a combination of arousal and disdain. “I should drag you back to the spanking bench and give you fifty lashes right now.”

Her body still yearned for his cock to split her in two, but she stepped back from him.

Clint yanked on the leash, bringing her to her knees.

She looked up at him, saw his lips purse into a thin line and lowered her gaze to his boots. “I’m sorry, Master.”

Clint stepped back another foot and yanked the leash harder.

Wendi fell to her hands, ass up in the air. She knew better than to move, despite the fact that there were a few sets of eyes now staring at her reddened ass.

She wanted to scramble away and hide in the dark. She wanted to run. Fear gathered in her throat in the form of bile that she tried hard to swallow. Her stomach twisted up in knots.

Clint dropped the duffel. It landed with a loud thud against the floor in front of Wendi.

“Stand up.” His voice was harsh now.

Slowly, Wendi stood. Clasping her hands together in front of her body, she knew the moment she looked up that she was about to be punished. Hopefully he’d just take his aggression out on her ass with the singletail. That hurt but the wounds disappeared after a few days. Odd how she’d grown to love the sting of it when he was playing with her, but when she displeased him, it was torture.

He dropped her leash. The leather thong fell against her skin, hanging from her collar between her breasts. He nodded and turned on a booted heel. Then he strode away.

She started after him.

He stopped.

For a moment, it seemed like there were only the two of them in the brown walls of the warehouse that had become Broad Horizons.

Without bothering to look over his shoulder, he spoke. The set of his shoulders rose and fell with his words. “Don’t follow me. You are not to see me until I say so. Go home, Wendi. Think about what it is that you want from me and are willing to give before we continue this.”

Her breath caught in her throat. Tears stung the backs of her eyes. “But Master, I—“

“No.” He shouted. “No more until I say so. Goodnight.”

He picked up the duffel bag and walked towards the exit, ignoring the few glances that came his way.

Wendi’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach faster than a plane crash. Tears streamed down her cheeks at the realization of what he had said.

They were through.

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Shiela Stewart's Interview

1.What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working on rewriting a series I wrote many years ago. It desperately needed to be edited so I decided just to rewrite the whole thing and give it a new spin. The first book is called Awaken the Demon and is a story of a young woman running from an abusive boyfriend only to find herself working for a demon. But what she doesn’t know is that she too is a demon and that Satan wants control of her soul.
The series deals with three generations of demons working for Satan, collecting souls and how they rebel and fight to break free.

2.What inspired you to be a writer?
I’ve always written. It’s in my blood. As a child I would tell tales to my friends and cousins and as I grew up I began jotting those stories down on paper. I had-still do-have a very vivid imagination. In my teens I used writing as an escape from teenage angst, trouble at home and depression.

3.How many rejection letters did you get before you got an acceptance? What advice do you give the writers about dealing with rejection letters?
LOL, wayyyy to many. Advice? They suck, they hurt but remember, just because one editor didn’t like your story doesn’t mean anything. There will be someone out there who will love it. Just remember to make sure and send in the best copy of your manuscript, making it as clean as possible and also, know the publisher you’re sending to. Know what they like, what they publish. It really does help.

4.How did you celebrate your first contract?
First, I jumped up and down screaming that I had finally accomplished my dream. When that insanity left me, my hubby and I went out for dinner and drinks and after…well, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. J

5.What's your favorite way to advertise?
I’m not sure I have a favorite but I am fond of doing interviews on other blogs, and advertising my books on popular websites and blogs.

6.What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Well now, we’re getting personal. LOL Okay, mind out of gutter. I like to create in other forms like crocheting, Knitting, painting and redecorating. I also like to garden and work on my yard. Aside from that I like to go on long walks with my hubby and talk about everything and anything that comes to mind. I also enjoy playing video games with my children.

7.Where do you see your writing going in five years? In ten?
I would love to see my writing progress to the point that I have contracts with some of the bigger romance publishers. That is my goal now and like everything else in my life, I rush into it with a great deal of determination.

8.What is your favorite "comfort food"?
Chocolate. I am a sucker for chocolate but unfortunately, because of my migraines, I can’t eat a lot of it. Talk about cruel when Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter and Halloween come around. My favorite though is thick chocolate cake with plenty of chocolate icing. Mmmm…now I want cake. LOL

9.Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?
I like the feel of a book in my hands but I am all for ebooks and I think ebooks should become the norm for university and colleges to use instead of the huge cumbersome and expensive text books the students have to use. I also think Ebooks in high-schools and elementary schools would be great. Allowing the student to access any book from a library on line would be a great asset to them.

10.Who are your favorite authors?
By far, Nora Roberts and J.D Robb. I can’t get enough of her In Death Series.

11.It’s plug time. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you’d like to share?

I certainly do and thank you for allowing me to boast a little about my work. J
Readers can find me at
Publisher: Breathless Press

Here is the blurb and excerpt of Consuming the Darkness

In Jacob’s Cove, where death is as common as apple pie, a serial murderer is a first. Lieutenant Sienna Storm, the town’s newly minted homicide detective, is eager to prove she’s up to the job of tracking down the demon who rips out his victims’ still-beating hearts. Even if it means using her innate ability to connect with him through his blood.

Detective Nathan Powers lost his partner to the aptly named Heartless Killer, and the trail of bodies leads him straight to Jacob’s Cove. However, this is no typical small town. It’s a strange world populated with bloodthirsty demons and run by a vampire. Still, the leggy blonde Sienna is a pleasant distraction. Until he discovers she’s after the same killer—and she’s not sharing.

Minds clash as the hunt intensifies, but the more they run into each other, the harder it is to stay apart. Together they discover not only clues, but a searing need that rises higher by the day.

That need may be their downfall when Nathan becomes the killer’s next target, and Sienna must risk everything to get him back.


“Behind you! Get down.”

The gun came up in his hand, aimed at her head. She felt the presence of the vampire as he jumped out from behind the dumpster. As she spun around to take him down, the gun fired, hitting the vamp in the right shoulder. He jerked back, screeching like a banshee.

“What the hell are you doing?” she yelled at the man with the gun as she ran to the vamp.

“Daisy, stay!” Daisy sat as she’d been instructed while Sienna knelt down beside the screaming vamp. She pressed her knee to the vamp’s bleeding shoulder to ensure that he wouldn’t move. “You are under arrest for breaking the laws of human and vampire and will be detained in the local jail while awaiting trial.”

“You’re a cop?” the guy behind her responded.

“Yeah, I’m a cop. Oh, stop your screaming already,” she yelled at the vamp, then flipped him onto his belly and pulled his arms to his back, pinning them in one hand while she searched for her handcuffs. “Damn it, why don’t I have my cuffs on me. Wanna tell me why you were about to attack me?”

“I wasn’t…honest…I was only…out for a walk. Yeah, I was walking. I’m going to sue the cops for harassment. I was minding my own. Fuck, my shoulder is killing me. Police brutality!”

“Shut the hell up. No one gives a damn.”


Sienna glanced up to see a set of shiny silver handcuffs dangling down before her. Glancing up, she took a moment to survey the gentleman and noticed he wasn’t bad on the eyes. His dark brown hair was messed up but somehow looked natural. And wow! The guy had a hell of a body. Broad shoulders, wide chest, and narrow waist. His face was pretty decent to look at, even with that thin line of hair over his upper lip that ran down the sides of his mouth to cover his chin. He had nice eyes, dark, round, with long lashes. “I’d prefer a regulation set rather than your bondage toys.”

“These are regulation. I’m a detective. Nathan Powers,” he introduced in a deep, throaty voice that sounded as if he’d had one too many cigarettes.

The vamp squirming beneath her, she took the cuffs. Before slapping them on the vamp’s wrists she made sure they were regulation. Flipping him onto his back, Sienna pinned him with her knee as she had before. “Don’t try anything stupid.”

“Bitch!” the vamp spat.

“What the hell’s with the yellow contacts and fake fangs?”

Sienna glanced over her shoulder as she responded to the detective. “What? You’ve never seen a vampire before?”

“A what?”

“A vampire.”

“I heard you. I thought I’d seen it all, but I guess not. Now we’ve got junkies playing vampire,” The detective chuckled with a shake of his head.

One look at the guy told her he was serious. “Oh jeez, he’s a virgin.” She rolled her eyes. “I told you to shut up.” She yanked the screaming vamp to his feet. “This is a vampire, not a fake, the real deal and if you plan on being in Jacob’s Cove for any amount of time you might want to be on the lookout for them. Some of them refuse to abide by the new laws. Isn’t that right, screamer?”

“Seriously though, he’s a vampire like the blood-sucking kind?”

“Don’t know any other kind.”

“Shouldn’t you like…you know, jam a wooden stake through his heart? I can’t believe I just said that.” He laughed boldly.

Was he for real?

She didn’t care for the sarcasm in his voice. “Neither can I. We prefer to rehabilitate them rather than turning them to dust.” Holding the vamp in one hand, she pulled her cell phone out with the other and dialed the station. “Lieutenant Storm here. I have a rogue vamp I need brought in.”

“I wasn’t doing anything, you stupid bitch.”

She clamped onto the squirming vamp a little tighter as she gave her location. She slipped her phone back into her shirt pocket when she was through and gave the vamp a hard shove against the dumpster. “Right, you were only skulking in the dark because you needed a smoke, right?”

“It’s a free world last time I looked.”

“Sure, except when you’re attempting to drink someone dry. Save it for the judge; I’m done listening.”

“You can’t prove anything. I’m innocent.”

“Do you know what I am?” she asked as she leaned in real close. “I’m a Tejakkan which means I have precog abilities. I saw you moments before you jumped out and I saw just what you’d planned to do so save your ‘I’m innocent’ act for someone who gives a damn.”


“That’s right and remember it.”

Friday, December 11, 2009

Guest Blog: Victoria Roder

I wrote an article for FarmLife magazine on my rescue dog Rocky. He is a beautiful black and tan Husky that was hit by a car and left for dead. His back leg and tail had to be amputated, but the day after his surgery he walked out of the veterinarian’s office and into our hearts. When I saw my article about Rocky’s harrowing experience in print I was hooked. I set an original writing goal to have something published to honor each of my beloved family pets for all eternity.

With the success of publication came the inevitable rejection. Oh the devastation of receiving those initial rejection letters in the mail hurt deeply. I could have given up, I wanted to give up a few times, and then my stubborn nature took over. When I received a rejection in the mail I would immediately submit the story to another publisher, or magazine, based on the theory that ten separate publishers could give me ten different reactions to what I had crafted. Perseverance means determination, and I was determined. The key in writing is to find the right match for your manuscript, short story, or article. A rejection doesn’t mean your writing is lacking it could mean the publisher has met their quota for your genre at the current time. I received enough rejections for The Dream House Visions And Nightmares that I could have wallpapered my den with them. If I would have abandoned my determination I would never have received the publishing contract from Asylett Press.

Rejection can arrive in many forms, some rejections are a form letter, sometimes you don’t get a response, and sometimes the letter contains a glimmer of hope such as, good premise, shows promise, but…

Take the “but..” and fix it and re-submit. That’s how I landed a contract with Champagne Books. The editor liked my premise for my serial killer action thriller Bolt Action, but she suggested I soften up my main character Detective Leslie Bolt and then perhaps she would reconsider the manuscript. So, did I claim artistic talent, or writer’s prerogative? Hell no, I softened Detective Bolt’s characteristics and also explained earlier in the manuscript why she is rough around the edges and Bolt Action will be released in April 2010.

Set your goals, be determined, and persevere. Rejection is part of the process of publication. Take it with a grain of salt and sometimes a shot of─stubbornness, and resubmit.

Please read the excerpt below from The Dream House Visions And Nightmares, Asylett Press July 2009. Visit my website and read an excerpt from Bolt Action coming from Champagne Books April 2010.

Acknowledging my desire for─but my inability to─sleep, I decided to read for a while. I stretched for my neglected novel and prayed for heavy eyes and dreamless sleep. As I read several chapters I could feel myself nodding off, jerking awake, nodding off…


The young redheaded boy crouched on the rotting, dilapidated porch of my
childhood home. He couldn’t have been more than seven or eight. His mop of hair whipped in the gale force wind surrounding us. He had a white-knuckled clutch on the shell of the bay window.

Fearing for his safety, I screamed, “Hey, over here.”

The wind pricked at my face. My white nightgown billowed out behind me. I again called to him over the blustery wind. “Hey, you!”

Turning toward the sound of my voice he removed his hand from the window and pressed his index finger to his lips to silence me. Then he beckoned to me with a gesture of his hand. Struggling against the wind like a drunk attempting to walk a straight line, I finally reached him. He slipped his small hand into mine and led me out of the windstorm and into the abandoned house.

Once inside, the house transformed before my eyes into the home I’d once known. There were panes of glass inside the windows. Mustard-colored carpet covered the floor. The only light in the room was the flickering glow of the television set, its light falling on a snoring man on the couch. The stench of whiskey and cigarettes hung in the air like fog rolling off the San Francisco Bay.

The man and the children appeared blurry as if I was watching them on a station with bad reception. In a tight-knit group, several children sat within inches of the television set, but instead of watching the program, they used the light to see primitive motions they were gesturing toward one another. Although the children had not noticed us, the young boy and I stood motionless, watching their signals of communication. They seemed to be conversing with one another in their own sign language, I assumed, in an effort to avoid disturbing the passed out man.

I turned toward my companion in an eerie slow motion. He watched the children and imitated their gestures. He tapped my arm and repeated a hand sign over and over.

Attempting to recall the sign language class I took in college, I searched my memory.

Think, think.

Yes! Help. It’s the sign for help.

The boy walked backwards toward the downstairs bedroom, beckoning me to follow him. The bedroom was furnished with an unmade queen-size bed, a shabby pressed board bureau with a cracked mirror, and a bassinette someone had taken the time to weave blue ribbons through. A familiar, barely audible, tune played as a mobile of butterflies turned above the bassinette.

I turned to look for the boy, but he was no there. A glimpse of the bed drew my attention. I was now covered in cobwebs and an undisturbed layer of dust had materialized on the bureau. I focused on an invisible finger etching words in the dust. The words left behind read: HELP THE BABY.

I scanned the room once again, searching for the boy. Though I could not see him, I was certain it was he who had written in the dust. The beautiful bassinet enticed me─almost as if beckoning me to it─but I planted my bare feet on the arctic-cold floor. My gut instinct seemed to warm me against approaching the bassinet. Somewhere outside of myself I felt a presence encourage me. Go over there…over to the bassinet.

A wall of water ascended behind me, and with enormous pressure, forced me toward the bassinet. I could hear an infant crying. The icy cold water splashed against my back as I peered into the ribbon wrapped bed. As a mother, the site made my heart flutter. A blue and white crochet blanket embroidered with tiny flowers and edged with sheer lace lovingly swaddled a child. My hand─as if its own accord─moved toward the infant. No mother can resist the urge to hold a baby.
With gentle care, I picked up the bundle, and marveled how light the babe felt. Removing a corner of the blanket from the child’s face I inhaled in shock.
Suddenly, the boy stood before me signing in jerky panicked motions, “Help, help, help.”

In mortified horror, I tossed the crocheted blanket. Remains─human remains─tumbled out of the blanket onto the floor in front of my bare feet. The beautiful crocheted blanket had tenderly covered nothing but decaying bones. Everything in the bedroom vanished except the spinning musical mobile. Now the barely audible music became deafening. Over and over the mobile played the tune, Hush Little Baby…

As the whirlwind from outside shattered the windows, spraying glass pierced my face and chest. The wind whipped around in the hazy bedroom the mobile began to spin violently. It crashed to the floor, landing on top of the bones. Even over the howl of the wind I could hear the music. At unbearable decibels, Hush Little Baby, resounded from the wreckage.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guest Blogger Yvonne Walus

The Journey of One Idea
How an SF Story Became a (non) Christmas Book

by Yvonne Walus


"The Hanukkah Time Capsule" is a short e-book published by Echelon Press Shorts on December 9, 2009, as part of its "12 Days of Christmas" initiative.

The book was originally a short story written for a competition. The rules dicated that the story had to begin with the sentence "She wondered whether she should open it." I knew straight away that the plot would involve a time capsule. At first, it was a contemporary setting, and a time capsule from the past. Later, I adapted it for a Science Fiction market and changed the setting to something 3 generations in the future. An editor liked it but wanted the setting to reflect a minority culture, so I made my protagonists celebrate Hanukkah... the publication folded before they could use my story though, and I forgot about it until my publisher asked for season-themed fiction. That's how "The Hanukkah Time Capsule" found its home at Echelon Press.

Of course, by now it's three times as long as the original text and bears little resemblence to it. If you've read "The Hanukkah Time Capsule" and are keen to see the original, please email me on

Blurb for "The Hanukkah Time Capsule":

In the late 2060s, decades before organic computers replaced the old-fashioned electronic ones, Esther's grandmother had left her a time capsule. The time capsule was meant to be used only when a genuine need arises. Today, Esther faces a failing marriage, two daughters who are outcasts because of their birthright, a Hanukkah without the wine and an Anti-Knowledge Warden, who definitely doesn't know what a browser is. Did Esther's grandmother guess correctly what her youngest granddaughter might need in the future? Will the time capsule save Esther's family from their enemies?

Excerpt of "The Hanukkah Time Capsule":

"Get on with it," snarled the Anti-Knowledge Warden. "Open the damned time capsule! Let's see what precious information your Grandmother has left for you to abuse."

Esther hesitated. The fear which she had learnt to accept in the last few years, burnt sour in her stomach. Escape, she needed to escape from it all. Briefly, she wondered which of her so-called friends had reported the legacy her Grandma had left.

The mind stunner glinted in the Warden's hand. "Do it now, or -"

"Yes, sir," muttered Esther. The words sounded dull in her suddenly constricted throat. She would do anything to avoid being zapped. Mind stunners left permanent marks: gaps in memory, holes in the logical processing. Some claimed they could even alter the victim's personality. Judging by Nathaniel's latest behaviour, she wouldn't be surprised… after his encounter with a mind stunner, he was simply not the same person she had married.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rie McGaha Interview

1.What are you working on now?
I’ve got so many irons in the fire right now, even I don’t know what I’m working on! LOL I guess I am trying to get caught up on WIP’s and I’ve got a couple of new releases this month and next month, plus some others over the months to come!

2.What inspired you to be a writer?
I never know how to answer that question. I’ve always been a writer. I think I was born to write since I’ve done it all my life. From the time I could make letters, I’ve written stories, poetry, song lyrics and now books.

3.How many rejection letters did you get before you got an acceptance? What advice do you give the writers about dealing with rejection letters?
Ha! I don’t know how to count that high! I’ve had so many rejections I don’t even get upset over them anymore. The first few bummed me out because I thought it was a sign I shouldn’t be a writer, but even after being published I still receive rejections on a regular basis. It’s a part of writing, so no big deal.

4.How did you celebrate your first contract?
I think I just ran around the house doing the naked happy dance for a few days!

5.What's your favorite way to advertise?
Promotions are the worst thing for me, I absolutely hate them even though I know it’s a necessary part of being a writer. Fortunately there are promo people out there and I now have a wonderful (and sexy) guy who does it for me. But I still have to be available for interviews, contests, blogs, etc. It’s never-ending!

6.What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Giggle* giggle* well now, that’s a very personal question!

7.Where do you see your writing going in five years? In ten?
I’m old and all of that five and ten year plan thing isn’t something I think about. If I’m still above ground in ten years, I’ll be ecstatic!

8.What is your favorite "comfort food"?
I have so many! I guess I really like crawling into bed with the electric blanket on, a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream in hand and something like cracked grain bread with pepper jack cheese slices to eat with it, or a bowl of sliced bananas covered in hot fudge and topped with lots of whipped cream!

9.Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?
Definitely print books. I like to fill my Jacuzzi and climb in with a glass of wine and good book, so electronic really doesn’t work well with water.

10.Who are your favorite authors?
My very fav is James Patterson. I fell in love with Alex Cross and haven’t missed a story yet. I also love Karen Marie Moning, her highlanders are soooo hot! And Sherrilyn Kenyon has some great vamps, as does Lynsay Sands. I also love a lot of the e-published authors like Kelley Heckart, Jesse Fox, Cinsearae Santiago, Bryl Tyne, Fiona Jayde, GR Bretz, and many others.

11.It’s plug time. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you’d like to share?
So glad you asked! I’m on all the sites like My Space, Face Book and Twitter, so friend me or follow me and I’ll do the same! My website is and all the contest information, new releases, excerpts, links, etc. is there too. You can visit my publisher buy link where there are more excerpts and trailers to watch! And thank you so much for having me today, Honoria, it’s been a pleasure.

Excerpt from Ancient Blood by Rie McGaha (sequel to Blood Line)

Amenemhat traveled under the cover of darkness, knowing the danger he would face if recognized, and knew it would surely end his life. The people would welcome no consort of the crown. They were hungry, their children were dying, and they had little will left to help themselves, but they would have no problem killing the right-hand man of the dynasty they blamed for their deplorable lives.

After traveling most of the night, he reached Thebes by early morning light. Exhausted as he entered the temple to pray and be fortified, he stood before the altar of Amun, and Amenemhat felt a shiver run over his flesh and knew he was not alone. Slipping the knife from his waistband, he held it hidden in the folds of his robes. He turned slowly, and then involuntarily sucked a breath into his lungs at the sight he beheld.

The woman was ethereal in her beauty. Dark, thick hair fell to her knees in glorious, shining waves. With eyes as black as night, she peered at him from beneath heavy lashes. The faintest blush against alabaster skin highlighted her cheeks. Red and full, her perfect mouth nearly curved into a smile, but not quite. Her gown appeared to shine like silver, held beneath her firm, full breasts with a girdle of braided gold. The long sleeves fell like bells past her wrists, covering her hands as they lay loosely at her sides. Standing with bare feet, she observed him as if he was the intruder. The knife in his hand clattered on the marble floor.

"Who are you?" He asked in a barely audible whisper. Licking his lips, he tried to overcome the complete way she had caused his brain to all but cease functioning.

With one slow step toward him, she extended one hand in front of her as if she would touch him. He felt his breath catch in his lungs as she crossed the distance between them without seeming to have moved at all.

"You may call me Ganda."

Her voice was as close to music as he'd ever heard. And then she was beside him, laying her hand gently on his arm.

"You have nothing to fear, Amenemhat," she assured him softly.

He swallowed hard, forced himself to take a long, slow breath. His skin was on fire beneath her touch. His blood felt as if it were about to boil. Barely able to hold a coherent thought in his head, he stared at her, inhaled deeply, and let the breath out slowly. Finally, he was able to speak. "Why are you here in this sanctuary? How do you know me?" He hoped his voice sounded steadier to her than it did to him, though she appeared not to notice his nervousness.

"I…” she hesitated and looked over her shoulder at a man Amenemhat hadn’t even noticed. She smiled again, and corrected herself. "We, that is, have heard your prayers."

The man that joined her looked altogether normal, yet not quite, as Amenemhat looked him over. He was tall, but no taller than Amenemhat himself, and he had black hair, with eyes as blue as a summer sky. It was in the way he carried himself, Amenemhat decided. The man just appeared so much larger than life. He was definitely human, but he was also something more than that. Something sleeker, wilder, more defined than an ordinary man.

"I'm Colin," the man said with a smirk, as if he knew exactly what Amenemhat had been thinking.

Amenemhat cleared his throat, but it didn't help, his mouth was so dry his tongue was glued to the roof. He cleared his throat again but no sound came out. When the woman looked directly at him it seemed as if he could no longer control himself. His mind failed to function, as well as his mouth. Something about her made him want to touch her, to bow before her, to worship her body, and to promise her anything she might ask of him.

Finally, Amenemhat was able to pull himself together and managed to croak, "I don't understand how you came to be in this place. It is sacred. Only the king, the priests, and myself, are allowed in this sanctuary."

The man and woman looked at one another, joined their hands and smiled into each other's eyes. There was nothing Amenemhat could mistake in the look that passed between them. The woman belonged to this strange man, and Amenemhat thought he heard the word mine whispered on the air when the two joined hands. He took a step back. It was fear and respect, awe that he felt now.

Neither of these beings were simply normal human beings. He knew it in the depths of his soul, though he couldn’t have said what it was he thought they might be. The woman looked him in the eye again and he felt his stomach muscles quiver, his blood seemed to explode within him, and he couldn’t breathe. Falling prostrate before them, he pressed his fists to his eyes. He didn't see the look the man gave the woman, or the smiles that passed between them.

The man shrugged and said, "Arise,” with so much authority Amenemhat immediately obeyed.

"How may I serve you, my lord?"

Again Colin smiled but caught the look Ganda sent him and quickly sobered. "We aren't here to be served, but rather to help you. We heard your prayers, we've seen the devastation in your country, and we want to help all of you."

Amenemhat looked warily from one to the other now. Speaking of his country sobered him. "Help? In what way would you be able to help? We are all but finished here! The war has raged since before I was born, before my king was born, and none of his predecessors were able to end the civil war here in Egypt. How can you help?"

"We are able to see beyond what you see. And able to succeed in areas that a…well, that a man such as yourself is unable to," the woman said.

Amenemhat could have listened to her all day so sweet was her voice, and so warm was her touch, and so very seductive. He would have done anything to have a long, slow taste of her, of that mouth, and to be able to feel that body beneath his. Everything that was male within him reacted to her. She was the most beautiful, desirable woman he’d ever seen in his life. He had never felt such hot desire licking through him, had never felt such raw lust pricking every nerve in his body.

This woman was snatched from his fantasies. One he had dreamed of but knew could never really exist. The gods had simply not been able to create such perfection. Yet, here she stood with all that glorious hair falling around her. It was all he could do not to reach out and wrap his hands in it. Her dark eyes were like pools with endless depths and he was sure she could see right into his very thoughts, his mind and soul.

He could imagine kissing those lips, sucking that full bottom lip into his mouth. Her breasts, so full and high, he could see her nipples in his mind’s eye all puckered and pink. Licking his lips, he felt the heat of his desire for her coursing through his blood. He knew he had never wanted a woman the way he wanted this one, and he would never touch another woman without thinking of this one, then he caught the look the man was giving him.

"She belongs to me, and if you want to continue drawing breath in this life, I suggest you keep those thoughts out of your head," Colin said softly with a smile that belied the edge of danger hanging from his words.

Amenemhat's mouth fell open. Falling flat on his face, he lay prostrate before them once more. This time, however, he begged for forgiveness and pleaded for his life. They must truly be gods Amenemhat thought vaguely, since they could read his mind!

Colin almost laughed out loud. Not a god at all, but what could it hurt if everyone thought he was? Egypt was going to be fun!