Thursday, December 24, 2009

Like A Virgin by Eve Summers

"Like Virgin" is an e-book romance written by Eve Summers and published by Red Rose Publishing on 24 December 2009. (And yes, with her other books titled “Wild Thing” and “I want to know what love is”, Eve Summers seems to be shamelessly plagiarising pop songs. The truth is, however, is a lot more prosaic: Eve Summers has a very short memory and a very poor knowledge of music. Next time, she’ll try to Google any title that sounds like a good idea - before she uses it, not after. J )

Anyway, back to the book. Aurora is a virgin when it comes to Internet dating. A mousy schoolteacher in real life, she wants to be something more online. Someone else: a Bond girl, perhaps, who drinks champagne, travels the world and does skydiving. So when she creates her online persona, she exaggerates a little... ok, a lot.

The man she meets on the dating site literally takes her breath away. He’s everything she’s ever wanted: a successful CEO, somebody who loves the songs she loves and who gets Aurora’s quirky sense of humour. With the cyber world not always being what it seems, is he too good to be true?

That’s not the only problem facing Aurora, though. Because when you fib on your online profile, is there ever a good time to come clean?

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