Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interview with Sascha Illyvich

1.What are you currently working on? – Nothing Not a damn thing, nadda, zip, zero, zilch. I’m on vacation. Though when I return to writing in January, I have a motivational/success book to start writing, a cyberpunk Male Dom BDSM wolf/faery story for Renaissance E-books and starting a new project that’s hush hush right now J

2.How many novels did you complete before you sold your first? – I sold on my first novel actually. eXtasy books picked up A Christmas Favor at the same time I had put together a compilation of short erotic stories for Renaissance E-books.

3.When did you attempt your first novel? What's become of it? – I was probably 15. It’s unfinished, retarded and in the closet never to see the light of day or a bottle of whisky ever.

4.Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what inspired you to become one? – I’m not sure “become” a writer is actually how it happened. I remember telling my hair dresser that I wanted to write after the IT bubble burst and she said if you want to do it, do that instead of wasting time looking for work.

5.What's your favorite way to advertise? – If you’re spending money then you’re doing it wrong. Money flows TO the author. Not from. So paid speaking engagements, teaching classes, anyway I can that helps others to become better authors while putting cash in my pocket is a viable way I like to advertise.

6.What are you reading, if anything, at the moment? Susan Kearney’s Solar Heat

7.Who are your favorite authors? – Diane Whiteside, Joey W. Hill, Angela Knight, Richele Mead, Colby Holdge is a new favorite, Rebecca York, Laurel K. Hamilton, I could go on.

8.What kind of activities do you do to clear your head? – Cigars. I prefer La Riqueza by tatuaje or Padrons. The time to smoke one cigar is usually an hour at least for me and gives me down time needed to NOT concentrate on writing/work. Or I masturbate.

9.What do you do immediately after finishing a manuscript? – Drink more. Then I leave the MS alone for about a week and work on something else or do website stuff, but I “try” to take a few days off. Usually I end up at Grants for a cigar.

10.What advice would you give an aspiring author? – Believe in yourself but don’t think that this is easy even if you GET a lucky break. Respect those who came before, and pay it forward.

11.It’s plug time. Tell me about your radio show. Where can people find out more about your books? Got an excerpt you’d like to share?

The UnNamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata can be found at http://www.radiodentata.com and is a one hour (usually) show dedicated to bringing you the hottest in industry news, author interviews, excerpts, my rants and more. It airs Mondays at 1 PM PST and again at 7 PM PST and once more on Thursday at 6 PM PST.

You can also find me at http://www.saschaillyvich.com and YES we have an excerpt from “Lessons Learned” which is my male dominant ménage story featuring a switch and a sexy submissive both of whom are in love with Master Clint. Wendi is a stubborn submissive who likes to push buttons because she thinks any attention paid to her is a sign of love. Master Clint is only able to put up with so much despite what his heart tells him. After he disciplines her one night too harshly, Summer appears and spends time with Wendi. What is Summer’s secret?

The blurb wasn’t written yet when I got this interview and the story just happened so…here’s an excerpt instead!

Once outside the private room, the two weren’t alone any longer. A few other patrons had been hanging outside the rooms, either relaxing with their submissives or talking to others near the bar.

Wendi wandered past everyone at a comfortable pace behind Clint. Her feet slapped against the floor. She shook her head, trying to block out the words he’d told her earlier. She didn’t have the energy right now to concentrate on her control issues.

It was much easier to cling to Clint’s body for warmth. Goose bumps ran the length of her exposed flesh.

She kept walking until she’d stumbled into the hardness of his body. Backing up to a respectful distance, she lowered her head and waited for the slap across her face that was sure to come.

Instead, Clint turned around slowly, leash still in hand. He tugged it.

She tripped forward and fell against him with an oomph
He wrapped his arms around her and smoothed one open palm down her back.

His hands settled around her still warm ass. The embers of desire still burned in his eyes and made her want him even more.

Clint stepped back and tilted her chin up to his. His mouth came down on hers, claiming her. His tongue pushed past her lips.

Gasping, she opened her mouth to let him in. Her thighs grew damper with arousal. She reveled in the way his tongue explored every nuance of her. Fingers clenched around her sore ass.

His kiss pulled a tiny moan from her. She opened her eyes to see him and suppressed a giggle.

Her master kissed with his eyes closed.

Her body began to tingle, especially when blood raced towards her cunt. Gods, how she wished he’d fuck her right now.

She reached for his kilt with one hand, fingers caressing the smooth leather.

His teeth nibbled her lower lip. “Don’t.”

Ignoring him, she responded to the ache in her pussy. She clutched the leather and dragged the hem up his thigh.

He swatted her ass lightly. Pulling back from the kiss, he frowned at her.

Wendi flinched and tilted her head at him. She batted her eyelashes at him, hoping he’d give in to her advances. Her mouth formed an 'O'.

“You should know better.” His tone held a combination of arousal and disdain. “I should drag you back to the spanking bench and give you fifty lashes right now.”

Her body still yearned for his cock to split her in two, but she stepped back from him.

Clint yanked on the leash, bringing her to her knees.

She looked up at him, saw his lips purse into a thin line and lowered her gaze to his boots. “I’m sorry, Master.”

Clint stepped back another foot and yanked the leash harder.

Wendi fell to her hands, ass up in the air. She knew better than to move, despite the fact that there were a few sets of eyes now staring at her reddened ass.

She wanted to scramble away and hide in the dark. She wanted to run. Fear gathered in her throat in the form of bile that she tried hard to swallow. Her stomach twisted up in knots.

Clint dropped the duffel. It landed with a loud thud against the floor in front of Wendi.

“Stand up.” His voice was harsh now.

Slowly, Wendi stood. Clasping her hands together in front of her body, she knew the moment she looked up that she was about to be punished. Hopefully he’d just take his aggression out on her ass with the singletail. That hurt but the wounds disappeared after a few days. Odd how she’d grown to love the sting of it when he was playing with her, but when she displeased him, it was torture.

He dropped her leash. The leather thong fell against her skin, hanging from her collar between her breasts. He nodded and turned on a booted heel. Then he strode away.

She started after him.

He stopped.

For a moment, it seemed like there were only the two of them in the brown walls of the warehouse that had become Broad Horizons.

Without bothering to look over his shoulder, he spoke. The set of his shoulders rose and fell with his words. “Don’t follow me. You are not to see me until I say so. Go home, Wendi. Think about what it is that you want from me and are willing to give before we continue this.”

Her breath caught in her throat. Tears stung the backs of her eyes. “But Master, I—“

“No.” He shouted. “No more until I say so. Goodnight.”

He picked up the duffel bag and walked towards the exit, ignoring the few glances that came his way.

Wendi’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach faster than a plane crash. Tears streamed down her cheeks at the realization of what he had said.

They were through.

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