Monday, December 7, 2009

Small Packages by Franny Armstrong

Please welcome Franny Armstrong, who is here promoting her new book, Small Packages, released December 10th.

by Franny Armstrong

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Widow Paula Winters, romance author, Paula R. Prentice, wasn’t interested in meeting men when her daughters sent her on a romantic cruise so she decides to use her two–week vacation to finish her novel and do some Christmas shopping. She hasn’t recovered from the loss of her beloved husband and has no intention of meeting someone else.

Widowed workaholic Derek Rawlins is only on the cruise at his son’s insistence and figures he can get some work done, not because he has plans on meeting any women.

When they meet, Paula wonders if he’s the romantic hero in her next novel, or someone she wants to keep in her life permanently. This Christmas will bring them more than one small package to fill them with joy!


“Are you sure you aren’t cheating?” Derek asked, laughing.

Paula had won three rounds of Euchre, with him as her partner.

“Absolutely not! I don’t even know how to cheat in cards!” she protested. What is trump?” she asked, having asked twice already.

“Diamonds! Are you going alone, or do you want me to play too?”

Biting her lip, she was silent for a moment then nodded. “I’ll go alone. Thanks anyway, partner,” she said.

Raising his eyebrow, he put his cards on the table face down.

The couple that they played with put down their cards and Paula laid down the ten of diamonds, taking the hand. The next card she played was the ace of diamonds and took those cards as well. Then, she led with the ace of spades, losing that hand. Finally, she put down the Jack of diamonds and the Jack of hearts, capturing the last two hands.

“You did it! Congratulations, Paula. Nice job.”

“Thanks. It was a pleasure playing with you,” she thanked their opponents. “I don’t know about you, Derek, but I’m kind of tired and would like to call it a night.”

“Works for me, I still have a couple of gallons of salt water to process. It’s exhausting being a hero,” he teased.

Laughing, she accepted his hand and they said good night to their Euchre companions. They made their way back to their rooms.

Derek paused outside of her door.

“Goodnight,” Derek said, leaning in to kiss her tenderly.

“Goodnight, Derek. I had a wonderful time today.” Paula whispered. She gazed into his deep-blue eyes and saw a question. Shivering she panicked and opened her door, ready to slip inside.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked, his voice husky, his eyes burning with a dare.

“Sure. Yes. Goodnight,” she said and stepped into her room, closing the door.

Putting her hand over her heart, she shook her head. “What am I doing?” she whispered, thinking of her heroines and their courage in the face of passion. She decided that she didn’t want to be alone, especially if it meant not being near a man as kind and gentle as Derek.

Nodding to herself, she said, “I’m forty-five freaking years old, for crying out loud! It’s the millennium! And…and…damn it! I want that man!”

Filled with her resolution she grabbed her purse and key card and left her room. Walking straight across the hall she knocked on the door. She had a terrifying moment where she thought her legs wouldn’t hold her, but braced herself.

When the door opened, she just stared at him and couldn’t speak, though her mouth made every attempt as it opened and closed like a guppy’s.

Without a word, Derek took her hand and pulled her close, closing the door behind them. His lips found hers and she dropped the purse and card, kissing him with a sudden wild passion.

When she finally pulled her lips away, she said, “I…I want to be with you.”

“I don’t have a problem with that,” he chuckled then kissed her again.


Kat said...

It looks like a real good one.:-)

Lisa L. Leibow said...

This story sounds like a lot of fun! It brings me back to my days watching the Love Boat.

I hopy you sell a million!

-Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Kaye Manro said...

Nice excerpt! Sounds like a good Christmas escape story to me! Hope you have lots of success with this one.

Sandra said...

Ooo - I like it, Franny! And I'm curious as to the gallons of salt water comment. Good luck!

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl said...

Tee...I wondered if the gallons of salt water would catch anyone's attention.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I loved writing my own LOVEBOAT...LOL

Derek is a romantic man, just like the one I'd imagine meeting if I wasn't still in love with my darling hubby after 30 years but he's sticking around so I'll keep him.

It was fun to write. There are a lot of surprising small packages in the story. One can never have too many Christmas gifts, especially if they are as special as the ones Paula and Derek share.