Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Antonia Tiranth

As the year comes to a close, one always looks back and wonders...what did I do this year? I look back and realize I did a heck of a lot! This year saw the release of Books 1-3 of my Tales of the Rikashi Series from Lyrical Press, Inc and Book 1 of my Tarot Kings Series from Red Rose Publishing. Truly a year of a dream come true for me and I hope this coming year continues to be just as good. I've met so many wonderful people through LPI and RRP, authors, editors and readers alike. Despite the troubles of the year, I will put this year as one of the best, if only for the people I've met. This year I have more than five people outside of family to send Christmas Cards too! Which reminds me...I need to write out Christmas cards. And what about the age old question of what my New Year's Resolution will be? I think it will be to write everyday and make an effort to meet more of the awesome people at both of my publishers.

If your interested in my Tales of the Rikashi Series you can find them here.

And the newest series, which I've never mentioned on here yet is The Tarot Kings. The first book of the series is King of Swords. Here's a little peek:

"I had everything under control, Sebastian."

He took a step towards her, she retreated but he followed. "But you didn't really want to be, did you Lily?"

"What are you talking about?" Lily swallowed around the sudden lump in her throat, watching his eyes travel to her throat. The way he was looking at her made heat collect in her belly.

"You don't want to be in control," he replied, his voice a low seductive growl.

"Yes I do," she protested weakly.

"No, you don't. You want to let go, to hand someone else the reins."

"I can take care of myself." Lily straightened her shoulders, trying to ignore her body that longed to throw itself at this man's feet.

"Of course you can," Sebastian conceded, "But you want someone to take care of you. I know why you weren't happy with Philip," he said.

"Oh?" For every step she took away from him, he took one forward. Her heels touched the wall at the same time her hip hit the counter. She had backed herself into a corner and he placed his hands on the wall on either side of her head, trapping her. Her breath was coming in quick gasps now. She couldn't look at him. She kept her eyes on his shoulder but that turned out to be a bad idea as she noticed now that the black turtle neck hugged his form in a sinful way. "And why is that?" she somehow managed to ask.

Sebastian bent his head, catching her gaze with his own. "You want a man who won't let you control him."

"And you could?" she countered, her cheeks flushing.

She held her breath, thinking he was going to kiss her again but he took a step back. "Come, we're leaving." His tone left no room for debate and she really didn't feel any desire to refuse the command. Still it was her brother's party and she always stayed here to spend Christmas morning with him and Kate.


"I said, come."

It is available now from Red Rose Publishing!

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