Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Goals

Wow, its been an eventful year for me. I finished a novel, got three contracts and two of those books were released this month. I started my first website, and have been trying to perfect it ever since (I think I'm finally happy with it). I guest blogged once a month at Happy Endings and started two blogs of my own, including a character blog.

I started college, and while I despise it with every fiber of my being (and no I am not exaggerating one tiny, itty bitty, bit), it still is a pretty big milestone.

I got my first serious job, and I actually really love it. Being Acquisitions Manager of Breathless Press is one of the best jobs I think I writer could get. I get to read (a favored past time of mine) and picking out the errors in manuscripts challenges the writer in me. I think it's just the perfect job.

Now that I've shared what I did this year I'll share my plans for next year with you.

1) I want to try and write everyday.

2) I want to finish Archer's Story, and I want to try and finish the rough draft by May 1st at the latest. I'm thinking it needs to be about 60k

3) I want to submit to agents, and hopefully get one.

4) I want to finish at least two free reads. One is a contemporary erotic romance, and another is just a short story that goes with Fear of Darkness. Just a tiny encounter between Vahe and Natalya.

5) I want to finish at least one short story to submit to Breathless Press. I want it finished by March 1st.

6) I want to start a new series. I still can't decide if I want to start my fantasy series or sci-fi. Eventually I'll have to make that choice. I think its going to be the fantasy series though, because that's what keeps interrupting my WIP.

7) I want to finish the first book in whatever series I do choose to start. I want to finish it by December.

8) This one is just something I might do. I'd like to try and finish Bad Animals. Pretty sure I'll fight for every word of that.

I don't think my goals are too ambitious, and I'm hoping I can accomplish them all.

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