Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm bored with this blog, and I haven't posted in ages so I've decided to change it up... A lot. Joining me will be my new partner in crime. An unpublished author, but an up and coming star in my not so humble and incredibly biased opinion. She hasn't picked a pen name, so she's just My Partner In Crime for now.

We'll be doing blog posts, the occasional interview or guest poster, and possibly book reviews.

I'll be changing the title of the blog, as well as the look, so when you hear cursing, and things being thrown, that's just me trying to do website stuff. Though I actually designed a decent looking website header without any pain, or even swearing, so maybe I won't kill anything while redesigning this blog.

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Naomi Hunter said...

Oh Honoria you are too good to me. :)