Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi. Hello. Bonjour. Ciao. :)

Hello everyone. :) Naomi here. I am happy to now be apart of this wonderful blog. Honoria very kindly asked me to join her here and I happily accepted. I thought I would make my first post one to tell you all a little about myself and my writing style.

I am currently an unpublished author working on my first manuscript. My interests fair along the same lines as Honoria. Paranormal Romance. I also like Historical Romance. My current manuscript is a paranormal romance about a Vampire and his human mate. I have had the most fun writing it. I've always loved to read, but it wasn't until early last year that I decided to try and write my own story. I've always felt like I have a lot to say. I worked on it for awhile and then stopped. I felt like my writing was wrong and I got stuck on a part I thought would be easy to be move through. No such luck.

This January, spring semester of college started and I managed to get into the worst history class I've ever been in. I love the subject, not the teacher. I would rather poke my eye with a needle repeatedly, then go to his class. (Not a pleasant feeling.)

Fate wasn't as cruel as I thought though. I ended up sitting next to a girl I went to high school with. I'd known her since I was in first grade, but we'd never really been close. We ran in different circles throughout high school. We started talking and found that not only do we have the same graduation gown, but we both have an infinite love for reading and writing paranormal romance. It is because of her that I began writing my manuscript again. She helped me push through my writers block and onto bigger and better things.

I'm sure you're wondering who this inspiring person is, so I'll end the suspense...

It's none other then the wonderful Honoria Ravena.
Suprised? ha ha, I know you didn't see that one coming. :)

I thought I would also attach an excerpt from my current unnamed, unedited manuscript to give everyone a taste of what I'm all about.

Krispin could feel his heart beating in every inch of his body. Rage intermingled with intense fury coursed through his veins.

He found her, his mate, but she wasn’t snuggled away in some comfortable apartment. She was being attacked by some low life gang, their intentions clear and no where near honorable. When he came around the corner of the alley and saw the scene that was about to play out, he lost all control. It had been a very long time since that had happened to him.

He didn’t even think twice about killing them, in fact once he had ripped each head from its body, he still didn’t feel satisfaction. He continued to tear each one limb for limb. Right in front of her eyes. It was not something that he wanted or planned to do. Once he finished destroying them he approached her in the corner of the alley. He knew what he must look like, but he didn’t care. She was his and he was going to have her one way or another.

She was beautiful, even in the mix of chaos and horror, he could see that she was perfect. Her slim tanned hands were holding up the shredded remains of her delicate dress, seeing this made him want to kill them all over again. They had already begun to violate her.

She was small, no taller than 5’1 with a naturally tan skin, she appeared to be Indian, or at least part. Her bright blue eyes shown in the night like sparkling crystals against her darker complexion and yet her lips were light pink, plump and perfect. Her black hair flowed down her back in luscious curls.

She was bleeding and sweating he could see it mingling together as it tricked down her chest. He had a great desire to lean forward and lick it away. He knew she would taste exquisite. He needed to touch her. Her small body trembled with fear, but he was so enraged, he could find no words to comfort her. If he could only touch her, he could show her with his hands that everything would be okay. As he reached his hand out to caress her pinkened cheek, her blue eyes shot even wider with fear and she collapsed into his arms.

As he caught her, something within his madness was screaming at him, though he couldn’t hear what it was saying. He shook his head trying to end the noise within. He looked down at her again, her beautiful body clearing the madness ever so slightly and it hit him.

She had been in a dark alley, captured by a bunch of grungy men, she had been defenseless, alone and most of all, human.


Kitty Cahill said...

Hey Naomi~ I have to tell you I love the sneek peek! Thanks...It totally has the makings of a really awesome story...(BTW Love the hero name)
Honoria~ Love the blog...back ground rocks...I've got plain black at mine. LOL Kinda makes mine a little boring.

Honoria Ravena said...

Oh, Kitty, go here: This is where I got the background. Go to Layout, and then Template Designer. They've got lots of cool stuff you can do.

Naomi Hunter said...

Thank you so much Kitty! It's wonderful to hear feedback especially positive feedback. Lol :) and thank you about liking Krispins name. I'm about 38,000 words in and I am still debating on changing it. I will probably keep it though since it would be too much trouble to change. It makes me feel happy that you like it though. All the more reason to keep it :)