Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fear of Darkness is on sale!

Breathless Press

Fear of Darkness is on sale for $0.99! But it will only be on sale until June  17th, so get your copy now! More buy links coming soon.

(And if you'd like to make me a happier author, you could also leave a review when you're done with the book!)

As a Watcher of the King’s Guard, Vahe Patten hunts rogue vampires, ones who break the only major vampire law. When dead bodies are left for the human authorities to find, their secret is out, and Vahe takes on the mission by seeking out the next victim before the killer does—only to find her blood tasted sweeter than any he’s ever had.

Natalya Woods just wants to avoid her abusive husband and live a normal life, but the small town of Haven has been anything but safe. When she’s attacked in the streets, literally, by the man of her dreams, she finds herself kidnapped and putting her weapon skills to use—surprisingly not on her husband. Attraction and desire throws Natalya and Vahe in a bind as they work together to fight the killer, but will Natalya overcome her distrust of men and allow herself to take the risk to love?

Read the first two chapters.

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