Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogging because I just feel like it.

Yep, just because I feel like it. I haven't blogged in a long time, but I'm feeling pretty inspired. I've wanted to start a beauty blog for while now and just put it off. But you know, I've decided I'm just going to add beauty to this blog, because I want to and it needs fresh content anyway. So now it will be a life/writing/beauty/possibly belly dancing blog. Yep, randomly me!

But for today I'll just do a life update....Wow, where to even start. Its been so long since I've blogged. I finished school, and got my esthetician's license. I'm working at ULTA as their esthetician. That's been fun, and I'm enjoying my discount. 25% all day, everyday and I get my salon services for free. And yes, I basically owe them my paycheck. Wouldn't be a beauty junkie if I didn't!

The book I was Fast Drafting(ish) back in August is being released June 24th! My Cyborg Savior is being published through Crimson Romance and I'm super excited to be working with them.

I haven't been writing a lot lately because I'm busy, and well, lets face it. Lazy. But anyone who has read this blog knows that lazy is not a new thing for me. Hoping to get back in the groove soon. Which is going to take a serious push.

Most recently I've been having a problem with my eye. Its not an infection, its inflammation. But that has been very annoying. I've been to the doctor four times (I think its just four...) and I have to go back. I've been on five different medications four it. Three eye drops, one of which is the dilating drop. Even the nurse was surprised I had that one, because that's not usually a take home thing. It burns and makes shit blurry. A joy that makes driving interesting. I'm also on an oral anti-viral and steroid.

I'm trying not to make the mistake of reading the side effects, because I will have those side effects if I do. P-p-p-paranoid anyone?

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