Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kicking and Screaming

I'm going crazy. I just have to do edits. That's all! I'm reading through my book and inputting what I found the first time I went through the hard copy and of course finding new problems and screaming my head off because I'm moving to slowly. *grumble* This makes me grouchy. I think I only have enough love to get me through writing the first draft (and that's only if I go fast) and after that its like pulling teeth. Maybe because in my head I'm done with the book. The only problem is that doesn't mean is publishable. Rewrites required.

*bangs head on the desk* So close, and yet so far! Fifty-nine more pages until it goes to a beta reader... Maybe I should just send what I have done so she can get started.

And...distracted. From this blog post and my writing. Great.

Going to bed now. I'll try again tomorrow.

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