Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 4

Okay, I kinda made my goal today. But really, about 400 words were cheating. I went to Jupiter House (coffee shop) and wrote like 1,600 words there. And that was where I caught up to the one partial scene I'd written before I started FD. It was probably the scene that sparked the entire idea for the book. Anyway, that was where the cheating started. See, I'm doing this project in third person. Well I usually write in first person, so I switched that scene to third, and added some more detail to it.

By the time I was done with that, I only needed 303 words to make my 2,500 goal (10 pages, half of what I should actually be aiming for daily for FD).

So, as you see, some cheating, but since I'd planned not to write anymore after my trip to the coffee shop, it is something.

Tomorrow I'll start fresh, and I get to the ooie gooie good parts of the book. Betrayal, heart break, and at some point, more sex.

I'm tempted to start on it now. I could drink that DoubleShot espresso I have in the fridge, load up on a cup or two of coffee and pull and allnighter. It actually sounds like a really tempting idea...But I wouldn't get anything done tomorrow. I'm at a good stopping place for the night. Its almost midnight, so it will soon be time for bed. Stopping required.

Bye, bye.

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