Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fast Draft - Day 2

I did better today but didn't meet my goal. I hit 2,723 which is a little over half the goal. I've decided to stop though, because it's late, and I have a book that is calling my name.

Oh, and the finger actually doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday, so I was able to do quite well today. It's still swollen though. But judging from how much it hurts today, it probably won't hurt to type at all tomorrow. OMFG! Spider! That's what the cat was stalking earlier.

Okay, that's just damned embarrassing. Glad I shut the door before my attempted kill started, along with the screaming. If anyone asks, it was a war cry.

Uh, anyway that's my update. *keeps glancing at dead spider* I'm done sitting here until I can vacuum the little carcass up in the morning.

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