Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's reading time!

Hello everyone. Its been forever.. I know. I'm horrible at this whole blogging thing. I have good news though, I have nearly finished my novel Lost in Moonlight. Its only taken me two years to even get close to finishing. Once I finish I still have to work on getting published, but mark my words, I will do it! Even if it takes me forever. (It better not take forever, I just might lose it.)

I have also just finished reading Kresley Cole's newest edition to her IAD series, Demon from the Dark. I am close to nearly worshipping her, lol. She is my favorite author and never fails to leave me inspired by her writing. Here is the trailer for Demon from the Dark. I hope this inspires to pick up one of her books. Who knows, maybe she will inspire you too? :)

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