Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview with Steven Nedelton

Please welcome Steven Nedelton to Come Hither Pumps.

1. What’s your current project? My latest project title is Tunnel. I started working on it months ago but due to work on my books’ promotions I stopped. I am too busy to write right now. I have about 30K words done. Finalized 30K? Not yet.

2. What’s your genre and how did you choose it or have it chosen for you? I get my ideas from the everyday news, from the everyday events. My novel Crossroads was based on a a sentence I read in a local newspaper, in 92. The Raven Affair was based on the TV news about a court case/court proceedings in California, in the 90s, I believe. So my genre was dictated by the events. However, I do like suspense.

3. What advice would you give writers about rejection letters? One cannnot give a good advice. It’s a big struggle for most of us, it is so very hard to get published these days. I believe that some writers do succeed quicker because of their writing style. They get noticed. But I am not sure that they are better than others who have to struggle on. However, it is most important to have the MS professionally edited before submission.

4. Tell us about your writing place. Which is your favorite? What would you change about it if you could? Do you always write in the same spot all the time, or do you roam from room to room, area to area as the mood strikes?
I don’t have a specific writing place. I write where my laptop is. It could be here or there. Once I have a good idea, I can sit down almost anywhere and write.

5. Whose writing do you admire most? I like all good writers. I admire Mark Twain. I liked Hemingway in some of his novels. I admired Dostoyevsky, and Gogol in his short stories.

6. What kind of activities do you do to clear your head? I believe that the best way to clear my mind is through exercise. Like riding a bike, anything physical seems to help. Just getting away from writing, if possible.

7. What’s the worst piece of writing advice you ever got? To self-publish.

8. Was there a special moment that told you “I’m a writer”? I don’t think so. I read a lot in the past because I started reading fairly early. And so I began writing in my teens. Together with a few friends of mine. I knew then that I could write.

9. What books would you recommend on writing? Any good novel, any good short story should be a good guide for a writer. One learns by reading quality writing, by reading different authors.

10. Which character was the most difficult for you to write? Why?

My novels are in suspense, at least I try to write suspense, though I do go much deeper than simple action. And so I develop my characters through events. I try to fashion them, mold them according to various situations. I didn’t have that much difficulty in creating any of my characters in the past.

11. Welcome to the shameless promo part of the interview. Please tell readers about your latest release and where they can find out more about your work.

My last published novel is titled The Raven Affair. It was based on the hunt for an exceptionally sadistic mass murderer, Anton, who committed indescribable atrocities. The story also involves two priests living in San Francisco, Father Dominic and Father Joe, who had never heard of this criminal, and the Interpol agents who are hunting Anton, unaware that one of them is leading a double life and operating clandestinely as a high priced hit-man ‘Raven.’ Then there are Mick and Lynnie, living in San Fran too. Mick, ostensibly the well liked maitre d’ at the Westin St. Francis’ Michael Mina Restaurant, yet—unknown to Lynnie and his employers—also the dreaded underworld figure known as ‘Clerk.’ Thus, there’s a romance with a very questionable character and much, much more to read, wonder about and discover. Based on this blurb, some might conclude that The Raven Affair is no more than a thriller. But they’d be dead wrong. For the novel was called ‘frighteningly good’ by one reviewer and ‘a superb instant classic’ by another. There was a reason for that. To find out why, one has to read it. All information about my books is available on the web site, www.suspense.web.officelive.com, or, www.snedelton.com.

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