Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Sunshine

Woo! I've hit summer break. Well, not yet I guess. I do have one more final. But it should be easy, and I'll just study Tuesday. Anyway, since school is ending I can actually get some writing done. *Hops up and down* It's been so long! I might have to re-read my story to know what the heck I'm doing. I plan to start this writing tonight at seven. But later this summer I plan to write all freaking day. I want to try for at least 8 hours. Overly ambitious, I know, but I have GOT to finish this novel before school starts in the fall. I hope to finish this one and start another.

I did finish the second round of edits on my f/f story, Strapless. You can read an excerpt here: Strapless Excerpt. It should come out sometime in August.

Hmm...What else was I going to say...I can't remember now. Besides, it's time to make tea, get my ass up, and go write.

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Naomi Hunter said...

You totally used the signiture thingy I made you. *Claps with excitement* lol It looks marvelous. I can't wait to use mine!

I am thankful that school is over too. Though, I'm not going to lie I will miss gabbing about our horrible professor on the drive home from school. lol
We must take a class together next semester!

<3 Naomi