Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Muse

*Gasp* A rare post from the woman who owns this blog!

Not long ago I blogged about my characters yelling at me (read Rude Characters), but this week I’m talking about my muse. She introduces me to my characters and does her own fair share of shouting.

My muse is everything I’m not. Blonde, thin, leggy, and a royal bitch. She looks like you’d think a muse would look. Hair up in a chignon, sporting the whole white toga thing.

Not all of us have a muse. Some just have imaginations. There’s no problem with either, though I imagine not having a muse would make writing rather lonely. At least if you don’t have one it makes you seem less crazy. You won’t wake up at five in the morning, muttering “Not now…I was asleep.”

Between her and my shouting characters I'm surprised people don't think I'm a nut. I'm also surprised that I get any sleep.

I wonder if any other writers don’t get along with their muses. I know I don’t. She picks the most inopportune moments to want me to write. She’ll take off on long vacations when we have a spat, or she doesn’t want to work on a project anymore. She’ll leave me all alone to finish a project by myself. She skipped off to Bora Bora for SIX MONTHS to work on her tan. B*tch...

So, do you have a muse? What does he/she/it look like? Do you get along with your muse?


Melisse Aires said...

Our muses must be pals. Mine rarely wants to contribute to the middle or end of a wip, she is only interested in beginnings! And she loves to give me a great idea on a new story while I'm grinding through a tough part of an story!th

Honoria Ravena said...

Lol, maybe they hang out in Bora Bora together. I hate it when I'm completely stuck on a WIP, but can't stop coming up with new ideas for other things. Lol, well, I don't hate it, but I'd love for my muse to focus.

Author Mary C said...

My muse is definitely male. He comes as he pleases then leaves without warning. Sometimes we're hot and heavy in a story, other times he doesn't even bother to return my calls.

The only reason I adore him is that he'll take the form of any hero I desire. :)

Elle said...

This is all very interesting. I don’t have a muse, I wait until a scene starts to play out and I see, hear, smell what is going on and write it. If you want to call those people (or animals in some cases ) a muse then that’s what they are. I think everyone approaches writing differently; good writing is good writing and it doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it is good.

Honoria Ravena said...

Mary - Wow, he takes the form of any hero? That's fun. My muse can't do that, she just knows all the hot heros

Elle - Yep, anything that helps you write the book is a good thing. Even if people think you're crazy when you talk about your muse and characters like they're real people. Just be glad you aren't as weird as some of us.