Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update 8/24/2013

So I took my week off for some writing. I didn't get enough done in my opinion, but I have a lot more done now than I did, so I guess I have to take what I get. I wrote over 7k while on break. I'm only up to 8,600 since I went back to work. So my next sci fi book is at a grand total of 12,918 words.

I'm feeling pretty uninspired right now and it sucks because things slow to a snail's pace and then there's procrastinating involved. And there is no reason for me to not be getting 3,000 words a day. Wow, even this blog post is a boring downer where I'm lacking the words to express anything.

I think I'm going to try skipping to the next scene I want to write. Or maybe even go back and write the scene I feel is missing from the beginning. Maybe I'll like the story a little more after that. 12,918 is way too soon for me to be stuck. 26k is my magical stuck number.

Meh, in other news. I bought a new laptop. Mine was doing this whole not charging thing and the computer people said they couldn't fix it again. So new computer it is. His name is Leonard and so far we've been very happy together. I tried so hard to hang on to my other computer until Windows 8 was a thing of the past, but no such luck. Thankfully Leonard seems much less touchy than my parent's Windows 8 laptop which most of the time I would love to chunk out the back door.

Of course, a new laptop means cleaning out files in the old one. It was a nightmare, and hopefully I deleted nothing vital. Because I deleted a lot. I think it was mostly things I had duplicates of and/or haven't even looked at it for years. So I don't think I'll be screaming about not being able to find anything.

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