Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The other night I had a great dream that would have made a very good science fiction novel. But I made one crucial mistake: I didn’t write it down.

Usually I write stuff like that down, but that day I had class and so the alarm went off at six twenty (the Devil’s hour in my opinion). So I was tired, annoyed, and in a hurry, and didn’t put pen to paper.

I can remember some elements of the dream, but not the actual plot. It’s driving me crazy, but it serves me right for not writing it down. I know I have to write things down or I forget.

A lot of writer’s get ideas from their dreams. I honestly don’t get that many. If I only wrote the stories I got from my dreams I’d only have written two books. And I’d now be waiting for inspiration. I wouldn’t even be a paranormal romance writer. I’d be a horror writer.

Yep, the only two dreams I’ve had that would be good as a novel have been scary as hell (with the exception of the sci-fi dream I had last night).

But for the most part my dreams are a mass of strange mumbo-jumbo that I can’t even piece together, let alone make a good novel out of.

Question: Have you ever had one of those ‘naked in public’ dreams?

Answer: No, but I have had one where I wasn’t wearing shoes in my high school. It was just after I got in trouble with the vice principal for my high heels being too tall. They were really obsessed with footwear in my school. They even banned flip flops one year.

So, do you get any of your writing ideas from dreams? Have you had a ‘naked in public’ dream, or have you just been without shoes?


Anonymous said...

Cool blog.

I've had some great erotic dreams, but nightmares for me mostly consist of monster. I don't ever care to write those down.

Ms. Heather said...

Are you kidding? Naked in public? In a dream? Hell yeah! Of course, I also have a perfect body, and everyone else looks like crap...

Honoria Ravena said...

Anonymous - I've had some erotic dreams that I'm sure have inspired some scenes in my books. The two dreams that were horror novels have fully developed plots. One even has a complete world built.

Heather - Lol, I actually wish I'd had a dream like that. Maybe it would inspire me to work out.

Shiela Stewart said...

Do I get ideas from my dreams. hell yeah!!! Most of my stories have come from my dreams. i dream a lot and though most of the time their not romantic, I do spin that into the story when i write.

Like you though, I have had dreams I haven't written down and they have driven me batty. I can remember parts of it but not enough to make it into a story. very frustrating.

And believe it or not, I have never dreamt of being in public in the nude or without shoes. I do however dream a lot of flying. Myself, flying up in the air, in the clouds.

Janice said...

Oh yes, most of my mss have been inspired from dreams, but then I do have very detailed dreams with dialoge, a voice over, and color live action. Some times they are a movie slash, Manga, and book combo.

As for the naked dreams not so much now, I just had them when I was in school, along with the late to school ones were I didn't know where I was suppose to be I was so late.


Honoria Ravena said...

Shiela - I think I'll write down the parts of the dream I can remember *sigh* and then maybe I'll be able to come up with a plot for it on my own.

I've had the flying dreams too. Well flying/falling. Freaks me out, and then you wake up with a jolt so it feels like you actually did fall. Last night I had a dream that someone shot my cat and he died, that one freaked me out because it was sad, and just bizarre.

Janice - Lol, wow, only the ones I've thought would make a good book are that vivid. Well, the others are vivid, but they also make no sense.

Yeah, I had the ones where I was late to school, too. Mainly because my school was psychotic, and they get really upset when you're late. I won't ever miss high school.

Sandra Gonzalez said...

My mind creates way too many dreams to write them all down. Some I like so much that I fantasize about them during the day.*smiles*

I also signed up for Twitter to build my brand last week. (I'm new to writing) I found myself swept away with vampire soap operas, labeled myself a human, and twittered like I was in a romance dream world. Crazy, but fun. *smirks*

Honoria Ravena said...

Lol, that does sound like an interesting marketing method. What's your twitter link?